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Great for small businesses.

Small businesses are wonderfully simple in their core needs. Save me time and money.

Ting can absolutely do both.

Again, combine…

– great “pay for only what you use” rates,
– even better value with multiple devices on one account

…and Ting will almost certainly help a small business reduce its monthly phone bill. (And again, don’t take our word for it, gather up those individual phone bills that get expensed each month and visit our savings calculator.)

Perhaps more importantly, the service has been developed with an administrator in mind. Everything from the running usage graphic to the online billing detail to the feature set is intended to give that lucky gatekeeper as much visibility and control over individual users as possible.

In one luscious dashboard, you can see how much each user is contributing to the total minutes, text messages and megabytes. With simple checks and unchecks, you can enable and disable “privileges” like voice, text, Internet, international calling and forwarding.