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Short term and long term plans for Ting Internet?

Recently, Melissa asked, “what are the short and long term plans for Ting Internet?”

So we knocked on some corner office doors and got VP of Sales and Marketing, Michael Goldstein, and CEO, Elliot Noss, to answer.

Short term

In the short term, we’re learning how to build fiber infrastructure better. This is still new territory for us, and we’re learning how to be faster and more efficient every day.

“You only get one chance to make a first impression,” says Goldstein. “And if we try to scale too quickly, and if we try to service too many people in a town, too many towns across the country too quickly, there’s a good chance we won’t be giving people a good experience.”

Long term

In the long term, we’re thinking about how the expansion of fiber Internet shapes the future of America. Health and Education, as examples, all stand to benefit from this technology.

Says Noss, “we’re starting, probably in 2019, to see some of the experiments of the future.”