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Back to school promo alert: Get $100 in Ting credit when you buy Moto G6

back to school

back to school

Going back to school?

back to schoolLooking for the right phone for going back to school? Look no further. Moto G6 is the perfect phone for the student in your life. For high school, college and teachers too, Moto G6 has all the guts to keep up with a busy day.

For a limited time, when you buy Moto G6 in the Ting Shop, you’ll get $100 in Ting credit when you activate on one of our two nationwide LTE networks.

Why we love Moto G6

Take a look at our Moto G6 review. This is the best phone we’ve ever seen at its price point: just $249 in the Ting Shop. With a bright, beautiful screen, a glass body and an awesome camera set, Moto G6 has all the power of a high-end phone for less.

Moto G6: a great option for students going back to school

It’s hard to find the perfect phone for older students and kids without breaking the bank. Lots of students want the latest from Samsung, Apple and Google, but with prices creeping close to $1,000, what are parents to do?

Consider going with a phone like Moto G6 for your student. Moto G6 is a great phone at an affordable price. It has everything a student could ever want, a big and bright display, a sharp camera set and a big battery life. It stands up to the expensive phones any day. You don’t need to break the bank to get a great phone for back to school.

What will $100 get me?

going back to schoolThe average bill on Ting is just $23 per phone, per month. Ting is a pay for what you use service. That means the less you use, the more you save. Connect to Wi-Fi wherever you go and save even more.

Your $100 credit will be paid out to your account in $10 monthly credits over 10 months. That’s a little something extra for the whole school year.

If you’re new to Ting, don’t forget to check our rates to see if Ting is right for you. If you’re already a Ting customer and someone on your account is in need of a new phone, what are you waiting for?

Terms and conditions

This promotion is available starting August 6, 2018. Your $100 credit will be applied in $10 monthly installments to your bill over ten months. This offer is only valid when you buy Moto G6 in the Ting Shop and activate the phone on Ting. Credits will be applied by September 4, 2018. While supplies last.