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The best cell phone plans for families on a budget

A father, mother and their two daughters sit on a sofa, looking at phones and a laptop.

Have a family and want to save money on your cell phone bill? We’ve got you covered.

It may seem like there are only a couple of big cell phone companies out there and between them, there isn’t a lot of choice. 

There are, however, more options than most people realize. Smaller cell phone companies have the best cell phone plans because they do things differently and give you more options. 

Lower prices, same quality

When you have a family, you’re always going to wonder if you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Our prices are lower than the big guys, so you’ll save money switching to Ting Mobile.

We know what you’re thinking: What’s the catch? Cheaper must mean worse, right? 

Great news! With us, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a low price. Our coverage is coast-to-coast, which means you won’t have to worry about spotty service. 

Plus, we have real humans assisting our customers, so you don’t need to talk to a robot. That’s why so many people rave about our top-rated customer service. 

Real humans require help from real humans. No bot. Just human.

Don’t believe us? Check out these testimonials.  

Okay, now you’re probably thinking that this is too good to be true. How could you get great quality and low prices? There’s an easy answer. It’s because we’re a Mobile Virtual Operating Network (MVNO). This means we use the networks of bigger companies, but  we’re not paying for the network’s upkeep, so the savings are passed on to you. 

More flexibility

Ever notice how all the big companies have similar plans? Because smaller carriers like us operate differently, they offer more options. That’s why we have the best cell phone plans (if we do say so ourselves).

For example, we have the Flex plan, which is wonderful for families who don’t use a lot of data because it lets you customize your service to fit your needs.

It’s $10/month per line to get unlimited talk and text. From there, you can add data as needed for $5 per GB of LTE or 5G data.

A phone on a table showing the Ting Flex plan, perfect for families.

But that’s not all. With the Flex plan, the whole family shares the same data.

Normally, you would have to pay for extra data for each person that you add to your family plan. The issue here is that some family members will inevitably use more data, while some use less.

What if you just want your teenager to have a phone for emergencies only? They don’t need a lot of data for that. So why pay for unused data? 

That’s where the Flex plan comes in.

For example, say there’s a family of three who needs 4GBs of data. Each family member would share and get access to that data. So, if Parent A uses 2GBs and Parent B uses 1.5GB, then this’ll leave their teenager, who is just using a phone for emergencies, with 0.5GB to use when they need it. Simple.

And their whole bill? Well, with the Flex plan, the bill for this family of three would be just $50. 

That’s the great thing about MVNOs, we can do things a little differently and find ways to help you save as much money as possible!

That is, however, not the only reason that Flex is perfect for families

Matching the bigger companies in the ways that matter 

But what if you like the way the bigger companies do it? Maybe your family does use a lot of data. Or maybe you just don’t want to share. Like we said, we have the best cell phone plans, so you can bet we have you covered there, too. 

Our Unlimited plans mirror more of what you would expect from the big companies. It gives each person unlimited data that isn’t shared.

That said, there’s a reason that these are the best unlimited plans. For one, there’s the cost. There’s also the real human customer support, coast-to-coast coverage AND we won’t lock you into a contract. Not too bad for a little guy, eh?

When it comes to cell phone providers, smaller is better, so make sure to check us out! Our flexibility fits your family’s needs while being friendly on the wallet. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a lower bill. After all, you’re getting the same network, just with added flexibility.

So who has the best cell phone plans? Look no further than Ting Mobile