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The best cloud storage providers for work files

Best cloud storage

The best cloud storage for work

Keeping content organized at work can feel intimidating when you use multiple devices. Luckily, choosing the best cloud storage service for your needs will make it easier for you to access all your files no matter where you are.

Whether you want to save changes to the same document wherever you connect, read a memo during your commute, or share a file with a coworker, these four companies have services that will keep you organized.

Apple iCloud

Best cloud storage

If you own Apple devices, then iCloud gives you a convenient way to store your files. Each night, the service backs up your files, so you never have to worry about losing your work.

Apple iCloud gives you 5GB of free storage. If you need more space, you can upgrade:

– 50GB for $0.99 per month

– 200GB for $2.99 per month

– 2TB for $9.99 per month

Most people who use iCloud own iOS devices. Just because you have an iPhone, however, doesn’t mean that your employer gives you an iMac to use at work. With a little finagling, you can access your iCloud documents with Android devices. You just have to force iCloud to give you its desktop site rather than its mobile site.

Google Drive

Best cloud storage

Google Drive takes a more flexible approach to online file storage than iCloud. Google even has Drive apps designed specifically for iOS devices and Mac computers. You will, however, need to create a Google account before you can use Drive.

Drive lets you upload files and folders from any of your devices. The option to upload an entire folder comes in handy when you want to keep a project’s files in the same location. Uploading folders also makes it easier to share projects with your colleagues.

Google gives you 15GB of space for free, so you’ll get three times as much free cloud storage by choosing it over iCloud. Here’s how much you’ll pay to upgrade:

– $1.99 for 100GB

– $9.99 for 1TB

– $19.99 for 2TB

Google Drive will even give you access to 30TB for $299.99 per month. It’s unlikely that you’ll need that much space for your account, but your employer may see value in buying an upgraded plan for your entire team.


Best cloud storage

Plenty of business use iCloud and Google Drive to store documents in the cloud. Those options, however, haven’t focused their development on the needs of businesses and employees. With Box, you get a cloud computing service that plays well with other apps as well as most devices.

Box has some terrific collaboration tools that make it a useful option for people who work remotely. Small teams should consider the starter plan. For $5 per user per month, you get 100GB of secure storage.

Larger teams may want the business plan. For $15 per month per user, you get:

– Unlimited storage

– Advanced security

– Enhanced sharing features

Box also has an enterprise plan that the company designed for large operations. If the business plan doesn’t fit your needs, you should contact Box to get a quote for an enterprise plan.


Best cloud storage

Dropbox thrives on its ability to store large files, synchronize across multiple devices and help workers collaborate with each other in real time. You can even send large files to people who don’t have Dropbox accounts, so it’s a good option if you work with a lot of freelancers or people at other companies.

A standard Dropbox business account gives you 2TB of space for $12.50 per month per users. You also get:

– 120 days of file recovery

– 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption

– Integration with popular business apps

The advanced plan gives you unlimited space and everything included with the standard plan. It costs $20 per month per user.

You have plenty of cloud storage options that can make you more efficient at work. Find one that matches your needs so you can keep your files organized while you collaborate with colleagues.