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Samsung Galaxy A32 5G vs motorola one 5G ace – Head to Head

(L-R) Motorola one 5G ace and Samsung Galaxy A32 5G side-by-side on a desk

Batman vs. Superman. Gaga vs. Madonna. Ali vs. Foreman. Foreman vs. fat with the Lean, Mean, Grilling Machine.

These epic battles are nothing compared to the Battle of the Budget 5G Smartphones.

In this corner, the motorola one 5G ace with its big, beautiful screen.

In this corner (note: different corner) the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G with its four lens camera array.

Round 1 – Camera

While both phones have great camera arrays and will capture the shot, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G takes this round. While the motorola one 5G ace packs in a three rear camera array, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G adds a fourth lens; a depth sensor. This allows you to add neat camera effects like changing the focal point or depth of field even after a picture has been taken.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G - Front and rear view. Rear featuring a three lenses stacked vertically plus depth sensor and flash beside.
The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Both the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G and the motorola one 5G ace feature a super high-resolution camera, a capable ultra-wide (48 MP and 8 MP respectively) along with a macro lens for close-up pics. Both record video at up to 4K UHD (3840×2160) resolution.

In terms of front cameras, the motorola one 5G ace edges out the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G with a 16 MP as compared to 13 MP cam. Something to consider if selfies are your thing but probably not a decision-maker even then.

Round 2 – Screen

Again, you won’t be disappointed whether you choose the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G or the motorola one 5G ace. That said, moto takes this round.

motorola one 5G ace front and rear 3/4 view. Rear features a square three lens + flash array at the top right. Below that and centered left-right, the fingerprint reader with motorola M logo.
motorola one 5G ace

While the screen ratio of both phones is the same at 20:9, the motorola one 5G ace packs in more pixels (2400×1080 vs 1600×720; more pixels means a more vibrant display). It also edges out the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G in terms of screen size at 6.7-inches compared with the A32’s 6.5-inches. It does this without adding significantly to the size; the motorola one 5G ace is only 2mm taller (1/10th of an inch) and a hair thicker. 

That said, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G boasts a higher refresh at 90 Hz, which translates to a screen that feels smooth.

Round 3 – Battery life

Neither phone will leave you hanging or searching for an outlet to plug into to make it through the day. Both phones feature a 5000 mAh battery. That said, mAh isn’t the only factor in determining battery life.

Processor type and speed, screen size and type and numerous other factors change a phone’s power requirements and hence battery life. In this case, since we’re so evenly matched, we can safely call this one a tie.

Both phones feature rapid charging using the power block that comes in the box so even if you forget to plug in to charge at night, it won’t take long to correct that oversight.

Round 4 – Build quality

Both the Samsung A32 5G and the motorola one 5G ace look great and feel great in the hand. Both are clad in plastic but the A32 gets an edge with its metal frame. 

Another nice feature of the Samsung A32 5G: the power button on the side is also the fingerprint reader so in one intuitive motion you can hit the power button and also unlock your phone. On the motorola one 5G ace, the fingerprint reader is on the back of the phone. This also allows for quick unlock. Which fingerprint reader placement is better really comes down to personal preference. 

Round 4 – Data speed

As 5G phones, both offer breakneck mobile speeds when in a 5G coverage area. With the ever-growing 5G footprint, 5G capability is a real consideration. As such, it’s great to see 5G moving down the line from flagships into more affordable territory. 

When you travel out of 5G coverage, no worries. Both support LTE so you’re covered coast-to-coast. When you’re around Wi-Fi, rest assured both phones are compatible with the latest Wi-Fi standard.

Round 5 – Price

If price is the key deciding factor, the choice is clear. The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, at $279 for a limited time in the Ting shop, is $70 less expensive than the motorola one 5G ace at $349. 

In practical terms, that equates to nearly three months of the Ting Mobile Set 5 plan which is nothing to sneeze at.

Result – Split decision

Samsung Galaxy A32 vs 5G motorola one 5G ace. It’s a tough decision. Neither phone will do you wrong. It comes down to personal preference; each has its own benefits but neither is lacking.

If you’ve used Samsung’s variation on Android in the past and liked it, the Galaxy A32 5G is a worthy upgrade. At $279 vs $349 for the motorola one 5G ace, price alone may be enough to sway your decision.

If you prefer Android without the extras and add-ons (stock Android for our fellow phone nerds) the motorola one 5G ace is the one for you. Its big, bright and super high resolution screen is a true sight to behold but doesn’t make the phone significantly bigger than the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.

Whichever one you choose you’ll get a solid smartphone that packs in a bunch of features previously reserved for the top-of-the-line. Most notably, as mentioned, access to the ever-growing 5G network.

Hit the Ting Mobile shop

Both the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G and the motorola one 5G ace are available unlocked in the Ting Mobile Shop right now. As we’ve said, both are a great bet if you’re looking for fast 5G access without breaking the bank.