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Five clever charging gadgets you didn’t know you needed

Tangled charger cords leading to different phones

Charging our phones and laptops is something that most of us do everyday. And yet, between not being able to find an available port, wires running everywhere and worrying about tripping over stray cables, the whole process can leave you feeling pretty tangled.

Don’t worry though! Yet again, Ting Mobile is here to save the day. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite charging gadgets that will change the way you charge forever. 

So without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Tug by I Love Handles

Instead of saving the best for last, we decided to give you our favorite charging gadget first because we’re so excited to share this one with you all.

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t prone to a bit of clumsiness and that extends to tripping over anything and everything that stands in our path. 

This can be a real problem when it comes to charging cables since this usually ends with our precious tech being yanked onto the unforgiving floor, shattering their screens and cracking their backs.

And that’s obviously no good. 

With Tug, however, this is a thing of the past.

Inspired by Apple’s magnetically attached charging cords, which they replaced with USB-C cables in 2015, Tug is a two-piece magnetic breakaway plug that works for any device.

The Tug two-piece magnetic breakaway plug
The Tug (Image source:

Simply plug your charger into the Tug connector, and plug that into your wall socket. And that’s it, you’re done. 

Then, if you were to trip over your cable, instead of bringing your device crashing to the floor or bending your chargers prongs in the wall, the force will safely split the Tug’s two components apart, detaching your cable from the wall.

So simple, yet so effective. 

This gadget is a real trip! (Sorry, not sorry).

Priced at only $19.95, Tug seems like a pretty great investment for all you clumsy folk out there. It could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repair costs.

Blockhead by Ten One Design

This one is for all you Mac owners out there.

Apple’s loss of the magnetically attached charger isn’t the only complaint that people have with the current era’s Mac chargers. The chunky brick that plugs into your sockets can be a nightmare. They’re big, bulky and stick out so much that they can really limit where you can charge your Mac. They barely fit behind anything!  

If only there was a way that you could flip the charger on its side, then you could plug your charger in behind your sofa with no problem at all. 

Enter Blockhead, another charging gadget that will save you a whole lot of frustration.

Blockhead comes from the folks at Ten One Design and is a really simple, yet elegant, solution to your Mac charging woes. It can be attached to your current charger, replacing the removable pronged portion of the charging block. 

Instead of having prongs that stand out, Blockhead’s prongs come out of the side, allowing you to flip the whole block sideways so it’s flush to the wall.

Blockhead charger sets flush with the wall.
The Blockhead (Image source:

Pretty clever right?

Blockhead finally allows you to plug your Mac behind things more discreetly, letting you get those wires out of the way. 

It’s $24.95 price tag may seem a touch excessive to some, but for others, ourselves included, Blockhead appears to be the solution to this super annoying problem and we’re willing to pay the price.

While we’re talking Mac chargers, did you know you can use them to crack open beer

Cord Buddy by Cord Buddy

This is probably the simplest charging gadget on this list, but also probably the most useful. 

It can get pretty annoying bending down to pick your cables off the floor every time you need them. It’s even more annoying spending the next two minutes untangling your wires from one another before you can even use them. And don’t even get us started on when cables slip behind the furniture.

Well, the Cord Buddy offers a straightforward solution to all these problems. 

A Cord Buddy is a small, but heavy, circular device with an interior channel that holds your wire, or wires, in place when whatever you’re charging isn’t plugged in. 

The Cord Buddy, holding multiple charging cables.
The Cord Buddy (Image source:

The size of the interior channel allows for loads of different cables and at only $10, this one seems like a no brainer to us. 

Oh, and for all you sports fans out there, they also have a range of sports-themed Cord Buddys, which are also just $10 so be sure to check those out too if you want something a little different.

The Side Winder ( and other cable reels) by FUSE 

This is another one for all the Apple fans out there. And trust us, it’s a good one. In fact, it’s more than that. 

You see, good inventions address a problem with a simple solution. But what do you call a gadget that tackles not one but three problems, with one super solve? 

Well, I guess if you’re FUSE, you call it The Side Winder

The Side Winder was the first offering from FUSE and began its life on Kickstarter, where it comfortably surpassed its goal of $20,000, receiving over $290,000 in pledges. 

But what is it?

The folks at FUSE were fed up with how tricky it was to transport their Mac chargers. Not only do the long cables take up heaps of space, but they’re also not particularly durable, and bending them to fit into your backpack can lead to fraying. 

Which, in turn, can lead to a broken charger. 

Even when they’re not in a backpack, we all know how annoying lengthy cables can be. Apple’s cables can be as long as 12 feet, and how often do you really need your wire at full extension? 

In the past, you were left with coiled cables cluttering up your bedroom or workspace. But not with FUSE’s cable reels! 

The Side Winder charger.
The Side Winder (Image source:

The Side Winder is made up of a plastic housing, with a twistable reel on the outside that allows you to wind up your cable, so that it all fits within the device. 

Once you’ve got your charger in the housing, the length of the cable is fully adjustable so that whether you need your cable to be six inches or 12 feet, the Side Winder has got you covered.

This means no more bulky cables in your bag, no more frayed wires and no more messy desks.

After the success of the Side Winder, FUSE expanded its range to cover all things Apple. Everything from headphones to Apple Watch chargers, so if you own anything Apple, there’s something for you!

Their prices range from $8.99 to $28.99, depending on which winder you’re after. And with hundreds of five-star reviews, FUSE’s cable winders sound like the reel deal! 

(Again, we’re very sorry that we’re not sorry.)

ChargeHub by Limitless Innovations 

Last but not least comes the ChargeHub from Limitless Innovations.

It solves another problem that plagues many modern households: a lack of available charging cables and/or charging ports.

The ChargeHub is a universal USB charging station that allows you to simultaneously charge three, five, or even seven devices, depending on which model you purchase.

The ChargeHub charger.
The ChargeHub (Image source:

You simply plug the ChargeHub into a port, and then plug your devices into the hub. Using SmartSpeed technology, the ChargeHub charges your devices at the optimal speed.

The ChargeHub is also great if you’re travelling with numerous devices. Historically, it could be a real pain trying to find the charging sockets for all your different pieces of tech. With the ChargeHub, however, as long as you can find one, you’re good to go. 

Starting at around $30, the ChargeHub isn’t cheap but having been awarded “Best of CES 2014” and “Best of CES 2016” by iPhone Life Magazine, it’s clear that this is a top notch product.

Smarter charging for smarter mobile

There you have it, five great gadgets that will vastly improve the way you charge. 

We love inventions like these, since they offer smart solutions for common problems, and that’s essentially what we do here at Ting Mobile.

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