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#TEAMTING – Steve Schiffer

#TEAMTING is a series where we showcase some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

The Schiffer family lives in Idaho and uses Ting for all their mobile needs.

Steve explains that with six phones under one Ting account, he saves at least $80 a month on his family cell phone bill. They use a mixture of iPhone and Android smartphones.

“Ting is the perfect pay for your usage system that accepts a wide array of devices. I pay less for our family’s phones than many who are still using flip phones in an effort to keep rates in check.”

Steve utilizes the Ting app to ensure his kids have access to mobile data but can’t accidentally use more than he has budgeted for.

“The handy Ting app allows quick and easy access to device options and gives parental visibility to who and when kids are texting or talking to. Accidents happen, so I have the kids on 200 MB limits in case an application is accidently ignored. If they need it back on it’s as simple as flipping a switch in the Ting app.”

“My kids are older and there are reasons for the modern teen to have access to data. This gives them a chance to be responsible and be given a smartphone that helps them in school and provides some cool convenience without breaking the bank.”


#TEAMTING is a series where we showcase some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

Don lives in Charlottesville, VA and has been a Ting mobile customer for over two and a half years. Back then, Don started looking into alternate carriers and realized he was overpaying each month for his cell phone service.

“I initially chose Ting because it was going to be cheaper. I took a look at my Sprint bill and determined that I’d be paying half as much with Ting….so I switched and it was definitely cut in half! I immediately went from $140 a month down to around $70 for two devices on Ting.”

Since making the switch to Ting, Don and his wife have been using their phones more than ever before.

“I upgraded to a Nexus 5 and got my wife on a smartphone for the first time, so we started using more data. We’re still within the 500 MB bucket though, so we’re comfortable using what we need to use and focusing on Wi-Fi when it’s available.”

He had heard of Ting’s parent company, Tucows from our original software download website back in the early days of the Internet.

“I called support one time and learned more about what you were doing. It was very cool to find out Ting was Tucows. Ting has been very friendly with good service – it really is a human company.”

“And now Ting supporting multiple carriers is great. The fact that I can activate two SIMs and switch to GSM if the CDMA signal is poor is super cool!”

FleetUp: in business with Ting

When you think of cell phone service, you probably think of a smartphone sitting in someone’s pocket, sending and receiving calls, text messages and bits of data. You might not think about trucks trekking all over the country or fleet vehicles buzzing all over town, sending analytic and other data back to HQ for the back office team to pore through and make business decisions with.

FleetUP, a service of TrueLite Trace Inc., is a fleet management solution based in Milpitas, CA that’s taking a smart tech-focussed approach to fleet management and uses Ting to handle the all-important mobile data part of the equation.

Connecting to the onboard diagnostics (OBD) port of a vehicle, the same port your mechanic uses to diagnose your car in the service bay, a FleetUp device can pull a ton of data from vehicles on the road. Everything from engine revolutions per minute, speed, throttle, braking and much more is available via a vehicle’s OBD port. With GPS on board and a Ting SIM card inserted into every FleetUp device, the relevant data can be sent back to the client every ten seconds.

We talked with Kimberli Lee, Marketing Manager at FleetUp, who filled us in on FleetUp’s mission to deliver real-time analytic reports to their clients and how Ting helps make that happen.

#TEAMTING – Katie Houselog

#TEAMTING is a series where we showcase some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

Katie Houselog and her husband live in Iowa and are saving $45 a month on their cell phone bill since switching to Ting. Katie was thrilled that she didn’t have to commit to a two-year contract or expensive monthly plan just to get her hands on a smartphone.

“I love the fact that I could finally get a “fancy” phone (as my daughter calls it) without paying a fortune.”

For casual users like Katie, Ting rates make it easy to have a low monthly phone bill without having to sacrifice all that a smartphone can offer.

“I text frequently because it’s convenient. I also use my phone to keep the kids busy when we are waiting at games, appointments and activities. Ting allows me to have a smartphone, yet I only have to pay for what I use.”

“I was just telling a co-worker how much my bill was this month ($15.00) and she told me she was jealous. I showed her and told her she could have a cheap bill too!”

Katie can also take advantage of the Ting Refer a Friend program to get her friend $25 in free service while adding $25 to her own account!

“I tell every friend I have that complains about the cost of their cell phone!”


Firefly: Where everybody knows your game


If you’ve got a taste for craft brew, good food, crazy fast fiber Internet and great retro games (and maybe a penchant for cancelled sci-fi shows that really deserved better than they got) then Firefly is the place to be. If you’re in Charlottesville, VA or if you’re ever passing through, it’s a great place to spend an evening, surrounded by games of all sorts.

Owner Melissa gave us the grand tour as Firefly hosted a DOTA 2 Pubstomp for The International 5. It was a great mix of fun, food and frenetic gaming action.

Firefly is among the first businesses in Charlottesville to get crazy fast fiber Internet from Ting and offer it up to patrons via a free Wi-Fi connection. The gig was invaluable for a live streaming event like our Dota 2 Pubstomp; the streaming broadcast came in high definition and without a hiccup.

I had a chance to speak with Melissa about how Firefly came to be, what it’s like stepping up to crazy fast fiber Internet and how the idea for an arcade-turned-bar came to be.

“My long term boyfriend Mark’s dream was to always have an arcade bar. Somewhere where you could hang out, play games with friends and order good food – not just a place to go sit and drink. When Mark passed from cancer in January, I ended up inheriting the bar,” she said. “While I have a business background, running a restaurant has been a new experience for me.”

Firefly’s journey and story is an interesting one and the atmosphere reflects it. There’s the standard bar stuff like draft beer, a pool table and Wednesday night karaoke. There are also a bunch of retro arcade machines, pinball and a ping pong table. Those looking for sit-down fun can play any one of the tons of board games on offer. Aside from the decor, Firefly has great food (including craft beers and healthy snacks) and a spacious layout that’s perfect for drinks with friends or an evening out with the kids.

#TEAMTING – Jason Bennett

#TEAMTING is a series where we showcase some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

Jason lives in Charlottesville, VA and has been a Ting customer for over two years. Since switching mobile carriers, Jason’s phone bill went from $70 a month to around $20-$25 a month with Ting.

“I went back to grad school a few years ago so money was tight. I started shopping around for a new mobile carrier and like a lot of things, I turned to reddit for answers. A bunch of people told me to check out Ting and it made a lot of sense as a business model, so I went for it!”

I had the pleasure of meeting Jason while helping host a gaming event in Charlottesville a few weeks ago.


“I switched to Ting because of the pricing model, but I read good things about their customer service too. At the time I didn’t really care because the price was right, but since then I’ve had excellent customer support and it’s all been done through online chat which is awesome because I hate talking on the phone.”

“Ting is great, I’ve used it for over two years and I’ve always felt that Ting is a trustworthy company. If you guys are getting into fiber Internet I’m all for it, because I feel that the company ethos will transfer.”

“I got my best friend and my girlfriend on Ting, so I’ve been spreading the word.”