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#TEAMTING – Sarah Dowdell

Recently, we sent out a survey to Ting customers asking for some stories. We got some great responses. Thanks everyone!

#TEAMTING is a weekly series where we’ll showcase some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

In this first instalment, we meet Sarah Dowdell and her family.


Sarah Dowdell came to Ting late in 2013. Since then, her family has been saving an average of $35 to $40 per month.

“I love that my husband and I can both have smart phones for half of what we were paying for flip phones through T-Mobile. Through the website, it is incredibly easy to monitor our usage, so we are always aware of how much our bill will be. The customer service has been great!”

“I always brag about what a great deal we are getting for our phones. I explain that you can get all the same services for a fraction of the cost by switching to Ting.”

Customer spotlight: Felix Whelan

FelixIf there’s one thing we like more than messing with the mobile industry, it’s talking to our wonderful customers.

After dealing with the incumbents for 30 years, Felix Whelan and his family made the move to Ting. Detailed in length on his blog, Felix describes the horror stories he experienced with a big carrier along with some compelling differences he discovered after making the switch.

We reached out to Felix to chat further about how he came to find Ting, the difference between an MVNO and one of the “big four”, his thoughts on smartphones and much, much more.

What’s new in the Ting control panel

The Ting customer control panel and account tools have always been a fundamental part of the Ting experience. Whether in a laptop browser window or on a smartphone or tablet, we strive to put customers in complete control of their accounts.

With that in mind, we’ve completely redesigned the Ting control panel.

We don’t do things just for the sake of doing them. We approached this, our latest (full) redesign of the Ting dashboard as an exercise in making life easier for our customers. We wanted to make monthly usage easier to understand. We wanted to make it easier to see which device on your account used what. We wanted to make monthly bills clearer and easier to understand and manage.

There’s a lot we could say on the subject of the Ting control panel. Instead, though, we’ll just say this:

Log in to your Ting account control panel to see what’s new and improved. We’re always happy to hear your feedback. Hit the official feedback thread to share your thoughts. You can, of course, also share thoughts here, in the comments section of this blog post. Wherever your feedback comes, we’re listening.

When is an S4 not an S4?

We recently launched support for folks to bring their inactive Sprint iPhone 5, HTC One (M7), and Samsung Galaxy S4. All three have proven to be hugely popular on Ting, which is awesome. Unfortunately, we were (unintentionally) unclear about not yet being able to support the triband models of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which caused a lot of hassle for some of you.

We’d like to try to make it right for those of you who got stuck in a bind as a result.

Here’s our tl;dr plan… If you bought a new or used triband edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (model L720T) from February 6, 2014 through May 5, 2014 to bring to Ting, we’ll exchange the one you bought for a brand new Ting-compatible triband S4 at no cost. The one you’re exchanging needs to be in good condition with a clean ESN (which is to say it can’t have been marked as lost or stolen or currently be active elsewhere). We’ll send you an insured FedEx label to get the device to us.  Once we get it, we’ll ship you a Ting S4 triband model via FedEx along with our sincere thanks for your patience with us through all this. If you’re ready, go ahead and start the exchange, or read on for the backstory…

So here’s the background… Last year, our network partner launched Sprint Spark. Given how awesome our marketing geniuses are, we have a much slicker name for the same concept: Ting Triband. (We experimented with Ting Tempo, Ting Turbo, velociTing, and Ting Full Tilt, but decided Ting Triband was the most exciting option. Alright, I’m kidding… We’ve always just called it plain old triband.)

The point of triband is that supported devices can take advantage of faster data speeds and more reliable coverage by leveraging all three of the major frequency bands that our network partner owns (legacy iDEN/ESMR, legacy PCS, and the frequency used by Clearwire for WiMAX).

Sorry for geeking out on you a bit there, but there was a reason…

In December, Samsung announced a “refreshed” Galaxy S4 model that would support triband. The old and new S4 models look and (mostly) act the same, but unfortunately only the non-triband models (L720) are eligible to be activated on Ting. We expect the S4 triband models (L720T) will be able to be brought to Ting roughly a year after they launched — sometime late this year at the earliest, but more than likely early next year.

In the meantime, some of you Tingfolk bought an inactive Sprint triband S4 thinking you’d be able to bring it to Ting on April 30.  And you were rightfully surprised when things didn’t go as planned. We worked behind-the-scenes to try to figure out a solution that would let you keep the S4 models you already acquired and still activate them with Ting, but we didn’t get far. Hence this slightly more convoluted, but most honest way we could think of to try to get you up and running and hopefully happy again with Ting.

Again, we’re sorry. And although the S4 triband refresh models were an unusual exception, we’re going to work to make sure we’re clearer on supported (and unsupported) devices ahead of their BYOD eligibility dates in the future.  Thanks for bearing with us.

We invited a customer to Ting HQ. You won’t believe what happens next*

We have a couple of missions here at Ting. One is to change the mobile industry in America (no big deal) and another is to “surprise and delight” our customers at every opportunity.

As missions go, we feel like these are pretty good ones.

We have a group of customers we call the Ting Ground Crew. This geographically scattered group of student ambassadors spread the word on Ting with fellow students. They share ideas in the Ting Ground Crew groups online, they encourage each other and talk about their experiences.

One Ting customer and Ground Crew member in particular stood out: Joe Murray.

We know paying for college is tough. We figured maybe Joe could use a bit of help.

We invited him to Ting HQ for what he thought was an interview on his experiences with the Ting Ground Crew. Little did he know, though, we had more than just an interview (and some Ting swag) in store.

Take a look.

*Or maybe you’ll totally believe what happens next. I don’t know you personally. I don’t know what you will or won’t believe. I mean, what’s unbelievable to me might seem totally reasonable to you. Just watch the video, OK?

Ting is giving away $10,000. Just because.

For no real, discernible reason, we have decided to give a customer and member of the Ting Ground Crew, Joe Murray, a check for $10,000!

Joe thinks he’s flying to our head office for an interview, with no knowledge of what’s actually in store. Within the hour (around 3:00 PM EST), we’re busting into his interview and surprising him with a massive check! We’ve embedded the live stream directly below so you can watch how it all went down. We’ve also released a 2 minute edited version with all the highlights!

Thanks to Joe for being awesome and for helping spread the word about Ting.