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The savvy, smarter mobile user: be like Mauri

Smarter mobile can be this easy

Mauri and her family live in Utah. They currently save over $100 a month on their two phones with Ting.

Mauri knows firsthand how awesome it feels to escape an uptight contract and expensive unlimited plan. For a young family, every little bit can make a big difference. Saving on Ting means more money for nights out and time off.

“With Ting we have been able to cut our monthly bill by $100 which means more movie date nights for Mom and Dad.”

smarter mobile

The Phipps family saves for the future with smarter mobile

Smarter mobile for the Phipps family

Kristin and her husband Daniel live in Pennsylvania with their three kids. They currently save $70 a month on two phones with Ting.

Saving money is important for any family, especially when you’re looking to the future.

“Ting makes sense for us because we are looking to save for our children’s college education. We don’t want to pay more than we have to for good mobile service.”

Best small business smartphones for today’s entrepreneur

small business smartphones

Small business smartphones for every budget

Entrepreneurship is no easy feat, and today’s advanced mobile tools should help you get the job done, not stand in your way. If you need a new mobile device that keeps up with you and your business, look no further. We’ve got your best small business smartphones in entry-level, mid-range and high-end models.

If you need to get phones for a team, Ting is ideally suited with administrative controls that put you in control of how much mobile data your account, and each phone that accesses it, can use in a given month.

Contest: Are you a Ting family?

Shout it from the rooftops

Tell us about your #TeamTing family for a chance to win one of four weekly prizes of a Moto E4 smartphone or the grand prize of a Moto E4 and $250 in Ting credit.

There are lots of ways you can enter – share your video on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Just be sure to include the hashtag #TeamTing so we can find your entry.


Congrats to our Grand Prize winner of a Moto E4 and $250 in free Ting service! Thanks to everyone that submitted to the contest.