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Customer Q & A – Tim White

Tim White

Ting customer since: June 2012
Previous carrier: Verizon
Monthly savings with Ting: $55/mo.

Where did you first hear about Ting?:

The forums of Republic Wireless while I was waiting for my Beta wave there.

What was it about Ting that resonated with you and made you want to switch?:

I am a light user, but I still like to have a high functioning phone (smartphone) at my disposal. Ting allows me to pay for what I use, which seems downright logical.

Were you in contact with a mobile carrier before you made the move to Ting? How long was left? What did that translate to in early termination fees?:

My contract was up, I was past my 2 year term and was paying month to month.

What kind of savings are you seeing with Ting, month over month?:

I purchased the Galaxy SII from Ting for ~$470. Over my first 3 Ting bills I have saved ~$55/mo. (~$75 vs ~$20). The way I look at it, the savings will pay off the cost of the phone in another 6 months, and then after that I am saving $55/mo.! If I had the kind of plan with my previous carrier that I now have with Ting, the savings would be even larger. So not only have I upgraded, but I have also slashed my bill by $50+.

How many phones and/or data services do you have on your Ting plan?:


When you explain Ting to your friends, family and/or random passers by, what do you say?:

I usually point them to the site and show them the “plans” page. I then tell them how much I am paying per month (sometimes I have to pull up my bill on my awesome new smartphone to prove it). Not so much for the random passers by though…

Are you happy you made the move to Ting? Care to elaborate?:

I’m am very happy I moved to Ting. The amount of money I save per month is difficult to wrap my head around. My service is noticably worse, but the savings/service trade-off is a no-brainer for me. And of course, the poorer service is due to Sprint’s infrastructure and it came with the territory. I have a superior phone to my prior one (EnV Touch < Galaxy SII)and a better plan, for less money. What is there not to be happy about.

What should we be doing better?:

I have no complaints to make outside of my sometimes poor reception (which falls on Sprint’s shoulders). Verizon is without question the king of this area. I have not yet needed assistance from customer service, but from the quick answers to the questions people have on the forums and the praise I see heaped on Ting’s customer service I wouldn’t anticipate any complaints. The fact that I haven’t needed to contact customer service is a testament in itself.

Thank you Ting team!