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Customer service profile: Christian

Meet Christian! If you interact with our socials, there’s a chance he’s answered your comment or message from behind the Ting account. We had a chat with Christian to learn more about his role within the company, and who he is outside of work.  

How did you end up working at Ting?

A friend of mine worked at Tucows and kept telling me how great it was. I was really looking for a different kind of environment from the typical corporate setup so Ting just seemed like a great fit.

What does a typical day look like for you?

There really isn’t a typical day here but the common themes are definitely learning new technologies and concepts and working with an awesome team. Every day seems to bring new questions and it’s quite fun trying to find the answers, especially with the people I get to work with.

What’s the most rewarding part about working for Ting?

Probably the money but a close second would be the independence I’m given to make important decisions. At Ting you’re not micromanaged and that trust is a big motivator.

What’s the most challenging thing about working here?

Probably the biggest challenge for me is staying current with the changes in the industry. It really seems like every day something new has arrived, whether it’s in our own back end systems or the phones we sell or have activated on Ting. It’s a good challenge because you’re always learning, but can also sometimes feel overwhelming.

How do you think you contribute to Ting’s success?

I think just by believing in the culture and people here and that belief and joy in working here being evident in the work I do. I feel like this is a great chance to brag but if anything it’s easy to be successful with such a great team.

What’s a specific project you’re proud of?

I’m very proud of the work we’ve done with our knowledge-base and I’ve created or edited quite a few articles to make sure the information we present is accurate and as easy to read as possible. To be trusted with something as important as that was a huge source of pride and to see them being used by staff and customers alike makes me smile.

Any unique or favourite stories involving customers?

My favourite is definitely when I was still new and kind of locked into being super polite and distant on phone calls with customers from all my previous experience. I had a call that was great but when I emailed afterwards I got a meme as a reply and that led to about a week of just sending memes and link to funny videos back and forth while troubleshooting an issue. It was just so amazing to be able to have that kind of rapport with a customer.

Less about the work and more about you, what are your hobbies and passions?

I love sports, especially watching and playing soccer and I’m a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy books and movies. I play altogether too many video games and own an absurd amount of comic book character shirts. As far as passions I definitely love to write and hope to one day publish a novel, beyond that I’m just passionate about trying to be the best version of me possible and inspiring others.

Of all the comic book character shirts you own an absurd amount of, which is your favourite?

Ha, awesome question! Spidey is definitely my favorite so I’ll go with my black spider-man shirt with the venom logo. I always liked that storyline because he’s offered more power but would have to sacrifice being kind, so he refuses. I think that acts of kindness are something everyone can do and be someone’s hero, it’s like Stan Lee said “That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero.”

Before we wrap up, anything else you’d like to tell readers?

I guess what strikes me now is that I started at Ting not knowing what GSM or CDMA were or even being able to name any Android OS versions and now I’ve come so far and it feels so rewarding to continue to learn every day on the job and not be static. Find something that teaches you and provides a positive and supportive environment and you will always be happy, and that happiness will show in whatever you do.

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