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How to watch sports without cable

how to watch sports without cable

How to watch sports without cable

One of the main reasons people have for not wanting to cut the cable TV cord completely is that they don’t want to miss out on their favorite sports. Yet now, there are numerous options available for cord cutters to watch everything from golf to the NFL. With only a little work to set it up, many different sports are easy to access over the air or online without paying for cable TV.

We’re going to show you how to watch sports without cable in the U.S. so you never miss a game or match.

Hulu Live TV streaming service

Hulu Live streaming TV service
[Updated June 2017]

Hulu Live TV is here and cord cutters should take notice

Last week, we had the honor to meet with executives from Hulu for a look at their new Hulu Live TV streaming service. When this new service launches, it will bring live television to Hulu’s on-demand services with live channels from companies like CBS, Disney, Fox and more.

We got a full look at the new Hulu Live service and were even able to talk with some of the main people behind it. From what we have seen, Hulu Live TV is something that will make cord cutters who use other streaming services take note. It will also cause cable subscribers to give cord cutting a second look.

So why were we so impressed with Hulu Live? In short, Hulu has taken great care to re-think how TV should be offered and how to give cord cutters access to their content. From the bottom up, Hulu Live TV is something new — and better — than what you get with your old cable TV provider.

Here are a few reasons Hulu Live stood out.

How to watch sports without cable? It has never been easier.

Watching sports without cable has never been easier

  • Get popular sports channels via Playstation Vue or Sling TV.
  • Watch local sports with an antenna.
  • Get monthly streaming subscriptions for only the leagues you like.

Sports has long been one of the main reasons people keep their pay TV provider, but now, watching sports without cable has never been easier.

TV shows and movies are often just as good to watch the next day, but sports events are something you really want to watch live. Thankfully, there are so many options available now that you can happily cut the cord and still watch most of your favorite sports events live. Services like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue offer channels like FS1, FS2, MLB Network, Golf Channel, Big Ten Network, CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports and all of the ESPN channels.

Add in a home antenna for local channels and you have an abundance of sports at your fingertips. The best part about watching sports without cable is how you can subscribe to them during the time your team is playing and then cancel after the season ends.

There are also many streaming services such as NBA League Pass, WWE Network, Golf, and UFC, which allow you to pay only for the sports and leagues you like. With the right streaming service, you can still enjoy all the live sports you love.

Let’s take a look at some of the options cord cutters have for watching sports without cable.

NFL: NFC Championship-San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

Roku Streaming Stick: What you need to know about the quad-core streamer

Roku Streaming Stick

Here’s what you should know about the Roku Streaming Stick

It may look like an oversized USB key but it’s way more exciting than that.

Today, Roku lifted its embargo and announced the newest Roku Streaming Stick. The Roku Streaming Stick model 3600 has been paraded before the tech press already and now, we’re allowed to talk about it.

As the new kid on the block, the Roku Streaming Stick, which presently has a pre-order price of $49.99, is also the most powerful. It beats Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and Google’s newest Chromecast in terms of raw specs. In real terms, it’s eight times more powerful than the previous Roku Streaming Stick which was released in 2014. It’s sleek, it’s hardworking, and it’s simple to power down.

Enjoying esports on your big screen TV

live stream gaming

How to watch live stream gaming

Video games are a major business in the United States, bigger than music and movies with 23.5 billion dollars in revenue in 2016.

With that growth has come a mounting number of services related to video games. Many of them offer great coverage of live events or give you a closer look at your favorite video games.

You’ve likely heard of Twitch.TV as the primary online live stream gaming website, but there’s more options out there than you might realize. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the best video game streaming services.

Turn your TV into the ultimate music entertainment system

Turn your TV into the ultimate music entertainment system

Whether it be at a party, your business, or just working around the house, music is a major part of everyday life. What better way to enjoy music than by turning your huge TV into the ultimate musical centerpiece?

There are several great music services designed for your TV and here are just a few of our favorites.