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Device Update: A feature phone update + One

Just in case you haven’t stepped outside, you don’t have a weather app on your phone or a window anywhere nearby, let us be the ones to tell you: It’s summertime. Typically, that means that device news is hard to come by, right?

Not so much. We’ll have a major Windows Phone update to share in short order. Until then though, feast on this our feature phone update + One.

HTC One Black

Just this afternoon, we added the super stealthy black HTC One to the Ting lineup. This phone features the same unibody design, milled from a single slab of (black?) aluminum. It features the same killer specs as its silver counterpart. It’s got the same dazzling 4.7-inch full HD screen, the same HTC Sense improvements. Its camera snaps the best pictures and videos you’ve seen on a smartphone. HTC Zoe turns those pictures and videos into awesome montages that beat any slideshow you’ve ever seen.

All in all, a very solid smartphone and now, 100% more blackerer.

Feature phones

The soon-to-be latest additions to the Ting feature phone lineup are a QWERTY slider text messaging phone and a super rugged flip phone.

LG Rumor Reflex

A QWERTY slider feature phone for the the text messaging set, the LG Rumor Reflex fills in for the Samsung Array QWERTY messaging phone in its temporary absence from the Ting lineup.

The Rumor Reflex offers a responsive touchscreen and a spacious QWERTY keyboard. It’s a great interim step on the move from a pure feature phone up to the world of the smartphone. A good choice if your kids text message non-stop.

The LG Rumor Reflex will hit the Ting devices page next week for under $160.

Kyocera DuraXT

Barring anything unforeseen, the refurbished Kyocera DuraXT will hit the Ting devices page as soon as next week. The DuraXT sports a 3.2MP camera and improved Bluetooth capabilities. It’s also got a rudimentary web browser and a small but serviceable two-inch, 240×320 pixel screen.

The best part? It’ll come in at less than $50.

Whether you’re specifically looking for a military-grade (MIL-STD 810G) phone to satisfy a latent sadistic streak toward technology or if you’re just looking for an easy to use flip phone and ruggedization is a bonus, the DuraXT could fit the bill.

Please note that while the DuraXT can claim Push To Talk (PTT) among its features, the Ting network does not support PTT and the walkie-talkie-like PTT cannot be used on Ting.