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Device Update: A very Galaxy device update

A device lineup is like a police lineup: You take a long, hard look and then point out the one that mugged you.

Wait, no.

A device lineup is like the bathroom lineup at an outdoor concert: It’s muddy, people are getting ornery and… there are cell phones involved somehow.

This isn’t working.

Let’s dispense with the metaphors and just talk about what’s happening in the Ting device lineup.

Samsung Galaxy S4 shipping

Grey Samsung Galaxy S4s have been flying out of the Ting warehouse. When we initially added the S4 to the Ting devices page a little over two weeks ago, we set the ships in timeframe to two to three weeks. Now, all pre-orders have been fulfilled and the S4 grey is available for purchase, shipping the same or next business day.

White S4s have proven more difficult. That said, we’re still on track to ship white S4s within the three-week timeframe which was our outside shipping estimate.

Samsung Galaxy S III sale

We all knew this time would come. With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the S III is, at least temporarily, riding off into the sunset. Once we sell through our current stock, we won’t be adding the Samsung Galaxy S III back into the lineup until / unless we can get a great price and, in turn, offer it up for a great price.

Speaking of great prices (see what I did there?) the last of our Samsung Galaxy S IIIs, the 16GB Pebble Blue model, are available now at $450. We won’t say that once they’re gone they’re gone forever… but we will say that once they’re gone, they won’t be back. At least for a while.

Samsung Galaxy S II Titanium

We’ll be adding the Galaxy S II in titanium to the Ting device lineup as soon as early next week. The price will be around $250. This is a brand new device; not a refurbished one.

If you’re signed up to received Ting device alert emails, you’ll be among the first to know when this device hits. If not, well, you can sign up at the bottom right of this page by clicking on Get Email Updates.

Samsung Galaxy Note II white sale

Just as the subhead says: The Galaxy Note II white is on sale now. It’s $30 off the original ask at $595.

Airave available refurbished

This isn’t brand new news. Still, it bears mentioning that the Airave is available now as a refurbished device for $120.

The fact that we can offer refurbished Airaves also means that certain existing Airaves purchased used can be brought to Ting.

If you’re buying an Airave used in order to bring it to Ting, ensure it’s an Airvana Airave with a MAC address that starts with 00:05:B. You’ll find the MAC address on a sticker on the device. It’s a string of six sets of two hex characters (xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx). If you’re buying used, make sure you ask the seller for a picture of the MAC address sticker before you commit to buy!