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Device Update: New news for new as in new and news for new as in refurbished

In this week’s device update we’ve got a fair bit of news, as hinted in the headline. We’ve got a couple of new phones inbound to Ting and we’ve got a little more detail to share on the home phone solution and the refurbished devices we mentioned in last week’s update.

New as in new

LG Optimus G

We’ll be adding this device in mid to late November… it’s quite a device too. We’ve always liked LG’s handsets as they stay very close to stock Android and don’t make a bunch of unnecessary modifications to the operating system. While we know that tech specs only tell part of the story, what’s on offer here is very impressive: This LTE device has a 4.7-inch display at 768×1280, 32 GB of internal storage, 2 GB of RAM and a quad-core 1.5 GHz processor. It runs Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. LG has already announced plans to release Android 4.1, Jelly Bean to this and select other devices in the near term too.

Price is as yet TBD but as always, we’ll offer it up for very close to our own purchase price.

Note that this is not the currently rumoured LG Optimus G Nexus… we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE

The Samsung Galaxy Victory is a powerful LTE-ready smartphone and it will hit the Ting lineup very soon. It steps in where the Samsung Galaxy SII lets off, that device having been removed from the Ting lineup for the immediately foreseeable future. It adds accessing the LTE network to its bag of tricks over the SII. The Victory is the entry level LTE-ready device in Ting’s lineup… but “entry level” is an unfair categorization for this very capable smartphone: The dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 4-inch WVGA display and the 5 MP camera belie the Victory’s price tag of around $300

You’ll note that we haven’t made a single pun in writing about the Victory. We’d call that a win. Wait a second…

Samsung Array M390

The Samsung Array (M390) will be available to order from Ting early next week. We’re excited to add this device to our lineup not only ensure our feature phone selection hits the major touchstones, it’s also a very nice phone in its own right.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced feature phone whose main role in your life is to make calls and send text messges, this landscape QWERTY slider might just be the perfect bet. Aside from doing all the usual feature phone things, it also lets you link up with social media (Facebook, Twitter), send and receive emails and visit the data-sipping mobile versions of your favorite web sites.

New as in refurbished

We’ll be offering up the Samsung Transform Ultra and the LG Marquee as refurbished options this week. The LG Marquee just hit our devices page. This is a jump forward from the previously outlined timeframe for these devices and we’re pleased to be able to offer both up for under $100.

Other devices inbound

Home Phone Connect

We talked a little about this in our previous device update. Now it seems we’ll be able to add the Home Phone Connect to our list of available devices sooner than the originally stated six to eight weeks.

Home Phone Connect doesn’t get quite the attention of a cutting-edge smartphone. That said, we’re excited to be able to offer it up. This device lets you use your existing analog (landline) phones and acts just like any other Ting device on your account, using your pooled Ting voice minutes.

Home numbers can already be ported over to Ting, it’s just that now, the case for doing so is more compelling. Grabbing a Home Phone Connect and porting your home number could mean significant savings. If everyone in the family already has a mobile device and the home phone goes largely unused but you’re not ready to cut that cord entirely, chances are good that your home phone via Home Phone Connect won’t even push you out of your chosen bucket for voice minutes. If that’s true of your usage, that could mean cutting your home phone bill down to just the $6 per device fee that’s standard across Ting.

Pricing and exact availability are as yet TBD but we expect to add it to our lineup at $100 +/- about $10 in as soon two to three weeks. The variability in price comes from the fact that our own cost for Home Phone Connect isn’t 100% nailed down as yet.

LTE data stick(s)

We’re working to have at least one data stick and / or card in our lineup before the end of the year. Which data stick or card specifically is unfortunately unknown at present. Sprint is currently testing a wide array of LTE data sticks that we MVNOs can opt to offer up. We’ll provide more details as things become more clear.

We often ask our Facebook community which devices they want to see. If you want to get in on that voting, come on over! (one of us, one of us). We’re also doing a giveaway of one Samsung Galaxy SIII 16 GB for use on Ting. Just share this Facebook post linking to the Ting calculator and you’re automatically entered. This particular give-away ends Friday, October 12 at noon ET.