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Moto G5 Plus available for pre-order now


Ting is part of Motorola’s exclusive US pre-launch event. The Moto G5 Plus officially launches on March 31… and that’s when you’ll receive it if you pre-order from Ting.

Please note: While this video shows the Gold Dust variant of the Moto G5 Plus, we’re offering the Lunar Gray variant.

We’re pretty excited about the Motorola Moto G5 Plus. It packs in features typically reserved for smartphones that cost way more than the G5 Plus’ $300 ask. Features like:

  • TurboCharge for six hours of juice after just 15 minutes on the charger.
  • A fingerprint reader to unlock the phone, pay for stuff and to save you the trouble of remembering passwords.
  • 4 GB of RAM and a 2 GHz octa-core processor which, translated into real people speak, means super smooth performance whatever it is you’re trying to do.
  • It’s fully unlocked which means you are in control. (which would also explain why the major carriers are trying to pretend this phone doesn’t exist)


Moto G5 Plus pre-orders from Ting will ship in time to arrive on March 31. The official launch date.

If you’re on the fence and a thin piece of neoprene is what’s going to push you over, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got 50 Motorola koozies, one of which will ship with each of the first 50 pre-orders.

Pre-order now

Five capable smartphones under $100

What do you need a phone for anyway? You might want to check for updates in your newsfeed or record an incredible concert video or catch up on new shows in your downtime. You might even want to make a phone call.

What you don’t need is a phone that drives up the balance on your credit card. The Galaxy S7 is $800, and the iPhone 7 is close to $1000. Don’t let the flashy ads fool you – make the smarter choice and invest hundreds into yourself instead.

Here are five smartphones under a hundred bucks that can do everything you need them to…and not a whole lot more.

1. LG Tribute 5

Affordable phones under 100 - LG Tribute 5Price: $55

CDMA network

Looking for a brand you can trust? Get an LG, just don’t buy the most expensive one.

This is without a doubt the lowest price you can find for a brand-new quad-core 1.1Ghz Snapdragon processor housed inside a slick shell. LG’s signature design is still apparent, throwing the power button and volume rocker on the back of the device, where your finger naturally rests.

Both rear and front facing cameras have 5 megapixel shooters, so if selfies are your thing, the Tribute 5 is where it’s at. This LTE capable device is on sale for just $55 – grab one now before they’re gone.

Take our phone survey for a chance to win

We’re updating Ting swag for 2017 and need your input! We’re looking into Ting branded phone cases and need to narrow it down to a couple devices, but we’re not quite sure where to start.

Please fill our the form below to help us learn more about the most popular smartphones among Ting customers across social media and the blog. While we won’t be able to satisfy everyone, creating a poll is the best way to ensure as many interested people as possible will get their hands on a Ting phone case.

Using the form below, submit your phone make, model and email address to be entered to win one of five $100 Ting credits.

Why buying last year’s flagship phone is the smarter choice

holding a flagship phone

Imagine you’re in the market for a new car. When you arrive at the dealership, you’ll see the shiny new 2018 models, as well as the 2017 models being offered at a fairly compelling price. You decide to test-drive one of each, and while the 2018 might have a few more bells and whistles, a lot of things are pretty much the same. Things like the engine, the safety features, and the fit, finish and feel haven’t really changed after only a year. After thinking it over, you’ll probably end up signing a contract for the 2017 model.

If you’re looking for a new smartphone, you should apply the same kind of thought process as you would when buying a car. Here are a few reasons why buying last year’s flagship is the best choice for your next smartphone purchase.

Five inexpensive smartphones with flagship performance

In modern life, our phones are a big part of everything we do. We all want the latest iPhone, Galaxy or Pixel, but the price is too high for today’s smartphone standards.

While flagship phones tend to get all the press coverage, smart buyers look beyond the hype towards lesser-known phones and earlier models that still keep up with the best.

Below, you’ll find proof that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have a legendary smartphone experience. You’ll be able to get the latest news from your favorite websites, download some games, chat in the latest app, take a picture or shoot a video.

Even though the flagship phones win at being the most expensive, that rarely means that they are the best performers. Whatever you want to do, you can do it on the road and still have money left over to spend when you get there.

These five overachievers work on one (or both) of Ting GSM and Ting CDMA networks. Just make sure to pick up a compatible SIM card from the Ting Shop and you’re good to go. No contract, no worries.

5 wise smartphone choices for less than $200

five smartphones for under $200

There should really be a category of smartphone called “wisephone;” the kind of phone you get when you like all the cool new features, but you have better things to do with your money than spend $800 or more on a phone. Like when you buy a car, you can keep a great deal of money in your pocket by choosing one from a previous model year or from a brand that doesn’t carry a huge price premium. In the mobile world, it’s especially true when you choose to go no contract. Then, you’re free to find the best deal on the phone with features you want, and you don’t have to buy it directly from your carrier.

Take a good look at these five smartphones for under $200. They are not cheap smartphones, they’re inexpensive. It’s an important distinction. These phones will work on either the Ting CDMA or GSM network and so could also be used with Sprint’s (CDMA) or T-Mobile’s (GSM) networks.

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