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Bring a Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One to Ting!

htc_one_black_smWe’re excited to announce that as of right now, inactive Sprint* Samsung Galaxy S4 original model (not the tri-band “Sprint Spark” version that was released in January) and HTC One devices can be brought to Ting as part of our Bring Your Own Device program.

While we’ve been selling the Galaxy S4 and HTC One since they launched a year ago, they were blocked from the whitelist of devices that can be brought over to Ting. Today, that block officially lifts. If you have one of these two devices in-hand and you’re ready to activate, go go go!



If you’re in the market for a used device, both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are available for purchase from our used device partner Glyde.

Bring an iPhone 5 to Ting

iPhone-TingAppIf you’ve got a Sprint network-compatible iPhone 5, you can now activate it on Ting. If not, you can grab one and bring it over.

If that’s all you need to know, jump into the bring your own device flow and move your iPhone 5 to a happier home.

That sound you hear is people leaving this blog post in droves.

A couple of months after we added support for the iPhone 4 and 4S, we’re getting a little more current on the Apple front.

No doubt, the first question we’ll hear is “when will you add the iPhone 5s and 5c?”

It’s a fair one: We’re looking forward to the day we can activate those too.

We’ve talked before about some of the limitations on bringing your own device to Ting. Our network partner keeps some of the best phones for itself for a year. It’s a business move as they want to recoup some of the money they spent in marketing them. We get it. That doesn’t stop us from pushing though.

We’re able to offer primo devices for sale at the same time as the major carriers. Some recent examples include the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Note III and the Moto X. At launch though, these devices are excluded from the bring your device to Ting program.

Back to the question at hand: The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c hit the Sprint lineup in late September of 2013. So, we expect they’ll be able to make the move to Ting at about the same time this year.

In summation:

If you’ve got a compatible iPhone 5 in hand you can activate it now. If you don’t have one in hand but you’re in the market, you’ve got options.

Hit the Ting used devices page to let the Ting personal shopper team scour the used device listings on sites like eBay for you and then send along a few worthy candidates for your hard-earned money. Or, buy an iPhone via our partner Glyde.

In either case, this is good news and we’re pretty excited about it.

Device Update: Don’t ditch that fruit phone just yet

iPhone-TingAppIt’s been a little while since our last device update. Sorry! Here’s all the news that’s fit to print.

As of Tuesday afternoon next week (March 11, 2014), a compatible* iPhone 5 will be able to activate on Ting. We’ll be communicating all the gory details at that time. For right now, we only mention it so that if you’re thinking of coming to Ting and you’ve got your eye on an iPhone 4 or 4S, you’re aware that there will soon be other options. Forewarned is four-armed, as the saying almost goes.

On the other device news front, here’s what’s new since our previous device update.

Coming soon to Ting


Samsung Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 will be coming to Ting. Barring any issues outside of our control, we expect to offer the Samsung Galaxy S5 on Ting in mid-April. The price we’ll be buying for has yet to be nailed down which means we can’t say exactly how much we’ll be able to offer it for. All signs point to the approaching $600 range.

From our limited exposure, we can say that the S5 looks like a pretty spectacular smartphone. Sammy has done away with a lot of the “feature spam” that it’s been accused of including: You know, all those neat-o features that look great on a marketing bullet list but that somewhat lose their lustre when clogging up your Settings screens.

Aside from anything else, the S5 has got to be the slimmest and sleekest smartphone to receive IP67 certification (dust proof and water proof to 1m for 30min). We’ll have the full Ting take on the Galaxy S5 a little closer to launch.

HTC’s next One

The much rumoured next HTC One has been among the worst-kept secrets. Suffice it to say that if you’ve been following the next HTC One rumors, you probably know more than we can officially say and leave it at that. We expect the HTC Whatever It’s Going To Be Officially Titled in May. More info as soon as said info is official.

Coming back to Ting

M400 Refurbished

Samsung M400: Sturdy.
Samsung M400: Sturdy.

If you subscribe to Ting device alert emails (you can do that in the footer at the bottom of this page) your inbox will soon alert you to triumphant return of the refurbished M400 flip phone. We expect it early next week for around $75.

Other devices that are coming back in short order:

  • Kyocera Milano – ~$75
  • Samsung Galaxy Victory – <$150
  • Rumor Reflex – ~$75

*Compatible meaning an inactive, used Sprint device that hasn’t been reported as lost, stolen or coming from a Sprint account in arrears.

Fine, we will sell you a Nexus 5.

Starting today, Ting is now selling the Nexus 5. But, please, for the dear sweet love of Google, don’t buy it from us. Instead, just get a $10 Ting SIM card (now in stock!) and go buy your Nexus 5 in red, black, or white from Google Play. You’ll save $95 bucks right off the bat (and likely a lot more by switching to Ting).

Nexus 5 Red for TingHonest to goodness truth: the price we are selling the Nexus 5 at is below our cost, and we still can’t even come close to matching the awesome $349 deal that you can get buying directly from Google with no contract.

Not long after the Nexus 5 started shipping in quantity in November, it became (and has remained) our top Android device, by far, for new activations. That’s a pretty huge deal, honestly. Because of the commitment Google has made to keeping past Nexus devices up-to-date, older Nexus models have enjoyed long-lived success at Ting… But nothing like what we’ve seen with the Nexus 5. A device we haven’t even been selling up until now has, for nearly all intents and purposes, been our best seller.

In a perfect world, we’d love to ship you a beautiful Nexus 5 and Ting SIM card snug together in our fashionable Ting shipping portfolio. But when there’s a way better deal to be had, we’re absolutely not going to stand in your way. In fact, we’ll even point you in that better direction. We like to think of ourselves as being kind of like Flo, for wireless.

So, to recap… Order your Ting SIM and then head over to the Google Play store and order your Nexus 5. Then spend that extra $95 on someone or something you love for Valentine’s (or Singles Awareness) Day, instead.

Love, Ting.

Device Update: Imminent device additions and a look into the future

We’ve got news on some awesome refurb smartphones and feature phones, and a look a little further out, at some of the truly top-end smartphones that will be available on Ting in the Spring and beyond. We’ve also got some great news on the bring your own device front.
We’ll get right to the point.

Straight into the action. No delays, no wordplay, no stalling. We’ll jump right in to the thick of things. Into the fray. Headfirst. Or headlong. No dipping toes, testing the waters, mincing words or mixing metaphors. No watering down the message with a lot of cruft or fluff (or amusing parenthetical asides).

Nope. Right to the point.

Bring your own HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4… soon

samsung-galaxy-s4-black-front_carouselThere are some limitations on the devices that can be brought over to Ting and the Ting network service provider maintains a window of exclusivity on some top-tier devices.

While we’ve been able to offer the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 for sale from Ting at the same time as the major carriers, they weren’t on the “whitelist” of devices that could be turned into Ting devices.

We’re happy to announce that as of April 30 of this year, Sprint network compatible Samsung Galaxy S4s and the HTC Ones purchased from somewhere other than Ting will be able to make the move to Ting.

This news is good for a couple of reasons. First and most obviously, would-be Ting customers sporting a Sprint Galaxy S4 or HTC One can see a light at the end of the tunnel for making the move to Ting.

Second, and more important in the grand scheme of things, this is the first time we’ve had a timeline for a BYOD restriction being lifted. We’ve always had an answer as to why certain devices can’t be brought to Ting. Now, we’ll be able to offer some insight into when “exclusive” devices can be brought over.

The short term device plan

We’ve got a bunch of devices in the pipe, set to hit the Ting device page either imminently or within the next couple of weeks.

(L-R) HTC One Mini, HTC One and HTC One Max

(L-R): HTC One Mini, HTC One and HTC One Max.

HTC One Max

With major smartphone makers pitching Mini versions of their flagship phones, it only stands to reason that Maxi versions would hit the scene too.

The HTC One Max is one massive smartphone. It takes the undeniably awesome HTC One aesthetic and phabletizes it. It’s physically larger (obviously) but that’s not the only thing that’s changed. The HTC One Max incorporates a fingerprint scanner so you can forget lock patterns and PINs (don’t even get us started on the ill conceived face unlock feature of Android). It boasts the latest version of Android and the newest version of HTC’s own Sense UI (version 5.5). It’s got a more capacious battery than its older but smaller sibling.

We’ll have it on offer for under $600 new, and we expect it to hit the site before the end of February. As it’s a fairly niche device (to say nothing of the price tag) we don’t expect it to sell like the proverbial hotcakes. Still, for bringing the HTC attention to detail and build quality to the phablet space, we figure it deserves a spot in the Ting lineup.
Rumor Touch

LG Rumor Touch refurb

This inexpensive but capable QWERTY slider messaging phone is more connected than your average feature phone.

The Rumor Touch has a 3-inch touchscreen display with access to some social media and smartphoney type things like maps and a small selection of apps. It’s a good interim step between a clamshell feature phone and a full smartphone.

At less than $40 refurbished for the black or red options, available very soon in limited quantity, we don’t expect they’ll be hanging around our warehouse for long.
Sanyo Mirro

Sanyo Mirro (3810) refurbished

An imminent arrival, we snagged a small quantity of this simple clamshell feature phone in black and red.

The market for flip phones has dried up as entry-level smartphones have dropped in price. That said, there’s still demand for these simple phones from people that just want an easy to use device that makes phone calls and doesn’t do a lot else.

I don’t have the copywriting chops or penchant for fibbing to make it sound like more than it is. If you’re looking for a simple phone, that’s precisely what the Sanyo Mirro is and you should probably buy one when it hits the Ting device page early next week for around $50.

Samsung Galaxy SIII refurb

The SIII has been usurped (and the Roman numeral numbering system eschewed) with the Samsung Galaxy S4. At under $300 refurbished though, this is a sweet deal on what is still a powerful and well designed smartphone.

It’s an LTE device. It boasts a big 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display at 1280×720. It’s got an 8 MP camera, S Voice, S Beam and a whole bunch of other neat features.

Expect to see the SIII refurbs hit the Ting site in both blue and white (sorry, Pebble Blue and Marble White) in the very near future: By the end of next week.

A look at the longer term

Switching on future vision, plans become a little more subject to change. With that said, here’s how things look to be shaping up into the spring and beyond.
LG G Flex

LG G Flex

LG is pushing smartphone design forward with this bent screen beauty. In addition to that characteristic curve, the G Flex is, as the name implies, a bit flexible too. While you won’t want to be smooshing the screen flat at every opportunity, the G Flex can stand up to life in your back pocket. And bending your curved smartphone flat is a pretty neat party trick, if nothing else.

In addition to being flexible enough to bend without breaking, the G Flex can also stand up to keys and coins: If it gets scratched, the unique self-healing material that makes up its body will bounce right back.

Pushing the design envelope apparently doesn’t come cheap: The price we’re seeing on the G Flex is north of $600. It’ll hit the Ting devices page early in the second quarter of this year.

Tri-Band Samsung Galaxy S4

Take everything you love about the Samsung Galaxy S4 (and there’s a fair bit to love) and add on access to the awesome Tri-Band LTE network and you’ve got even more of a powerhouse on your hands. Or you will, when we add this device to the Ting lineup in late March.

Operating on three distinct bands, Tri-Band LTE offers broader coverage and better building penetration than typical LTE.

If you’re in a Tri-Band LTE market and you’ve had your eye on an S4, you may do well to wait this one out.

CoolPad Quattro

What the heck is a Coolpad and why would you want one?

Fair question. Coolpad is a pretty big deal in China, where they’re the third biggest player in a market that values value. Behind only the Asian market majors Samsung and Lenovo, Coolpad is carving out market share by offering well equipped devices at low cost. They have 10.2% of the Chinese market, according to Forbes.

So, for less than $200, Coolpad offers a 4G LTE smartphone with tech specs that, while middling, are more than capable.

The Quattro isn’t going to set the mobile world ablaze. That said, Coolpad’s wider entry will, at best, serve to shake up the mobile market in North America and at least, provide some more pricing pressure on lower-end smartphones.

See (and maybe win) new devices on YouTube!

The Ting YouTube channel is in full swing. In addition to App of the Week, Behind the Scenes, Ask an Exec and other shows, we’ve also introduced device unboxings. If you want to take a close-up look at phones and other devices as they hit the Ting lineup (and for a chance to win the device we unbox) just subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Device Update: Many many new news.

‘Tis very nearly the season. So it is that this device update is a pretty hefty one. Let’s dive in head-first without first checking the depth. What’s the worst that could happen?

Coming soon

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini compared side-by-side with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Not At All MiniSamsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Take most everything you love about the Samsung Galaxy S4, shrink it to mini proportions and you have the, wait for it, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

The S4 Mini can fairly be considered a more budget-friendly remake of the S4. It’s not as powerful as its older sibling but it is immediately apparent that it’s of the same lineage. At 124.6 x 61.3 x 8.9 mm (4.91 x 2.41 x 0.35 in), 109 g and around $400, it’s much more pocket friendly in both the literal and figurative sense.

We expect to have it available on the Ting devices page between late December and early January, barring any supply chain issues outside of our control.

Samsung Galaxy Mega. Totally not to scale.Samsung Galaxy Mega

If you thought the Samsung Galaxy Note line was big, prepare to have your mind blown. The Samsung Galaxy Mega is positively massive. Where “phablets” blur the line between smartphone and tablet form factors, the Mega leans much more toward the latter at 6.3-inches. Suffice it to say, you’re going to need a bigger pocket when this lands in the Ting lineup around late December/early January at under $500.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

We’ve received requests to make connected tablets available in the Ting lineup. Not ones to disappoint, we’re happy to report that we’ll offer the Samsung Tab 3 early in the new year, if not sooner. We have yet to receive finalized pricing but we’ll update as soon as possible with that important detail.

The Tab 3 is a powerful tablet with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. Clocking in at 7-inches and if current smartphone trends bear out, it’ll be considered a smartphone as opposed to a tablet before too long.

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Who needs a smartwatch? Listen, we’re not here to wade into super important philosophical debates. We’re here to get the devices people want.

If you’re interested in the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, it’s coming in about two weeks at around $300. If not… well, it’s still coming in two weeks, it just doesn’t affect you in any way, shape or form.

LG G2 showing off its rear-mounted power and volume buttons.


If only to break Samsung’s streak in this Device Update, the super powerful LG G2 is coming soon to Ting. We expect to have it early in the new year if not sooner at a price that’s yet to be determined… but likely around $540. The G2 is notable for many reasons.

First, it runs a largely unadulterated version of Android: Not much in the way of add-ons or skins here. Next, it’s super powerful with a 5.2-inch display at an unprecedented 423 PPI, a 13 MP camera, 32 GB of internal storage and a full 2 GB of RAM. Finally, the LG G2 flouts smartphone convention and places the power button and volume rocker on the back of the device. It will take a little adjustment, but it feels much more natural than the traditional smartphone button layout.

ZTE Fury, looking all furious.

ZTE Fury

This is a lower-end smartphone and an ideal step up from the always popular LG Optimus S. At about $70 new, it fills a gap in the Ting lineup that’s been there since the aforementioned Optimus S rode off into the sunset. It’s obviously not a top of the line smartphone. What it is though is a capable device and an ideal entry point into the world of smartphones.

Data devices

MiFi 500

Novatel MiFi 500

The Novatel MiFi 500 will be among the first LTE data devices Ting will offer when it hits the site in a couple of weeks. Where the LTE network is available, it offers super fast wireless speeds. Where LTE is not available, you can still connect on 4G WiMAX or on the more sedate but broader 3G network. The MiFi 500 offers access to up to 10 Wi-Fi devices like laptops, tablets and shares its status at a glance with its small and battery-friendly 1.54-inch OLED display. Expect this device to hit the Ting devices page soon at around $155.

Netgear Zing looking distinctly like a portable gaming system.

Zing Hotspot

If you’re looking for the ultimate in mobile hot spots, this is it. As demonstrated by the color touch screen, this isn’t your typical hotspot.

Aside from allowing up to 10 Wi-Fi devices to connect, it also features an unlocked SIM card slot. If you’re a world traveller, there’s no need for expensive international roaming. Just grab a SIM card and a travel data plan in the airport and connect wherever you need to.

Domestically, the Zing connects you to the super fast LTE network where available. When out of LTE range, 3G is a fallback position. The Zing will be hitting the Ting Device page in the coming weeks at around $165.

Airave refurbished

If you find your mobile network connection is less than ideal at home or in the office, the Airave steps in and acts like your own personal cell phone tower. Just plug it into an available Ethernet port on your home router and you’ll get full bars on your phone over an up to a 5,000 sq. ft. area. The refurbished Airave returned to the Ting devices page recently at $84 and is available now.

Samsung M400: Sturdy.

Samsung M400

Whether you’re looking for a backup device (did you know you can easily switch your Ting number from one device to another with the latest code rollout on Ting?) or you’re simply not interested in stepping up to a smartphone, this one’s for you.

The Samsung M400 will be coming back to the Ting lineup very soon at about $100.

LG Optimus Elite

The LG Optimus Elite is stepping back in to the Ting lineup. At around the $170 mark, this isn’t a top of the line smartphone. It is, however, a very capable device at a compelling price. The Elite will return to take its rightful place on the Ting devices page later this week.

Kyocera Milano, jauntily showing off its landscape QWERTY keyboard in a raked 3/4 view. Saucy!

Kyocera Milano

If you’re looking for an Android smartphone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, your options are limited. Fortunately, the Kyocera Milano is one such option and it’s coming back to the Ting lineup very soon.

The Milano is a decently spec’d low-end smartphone and it makes its triumphant return in a couple of weeks at around $70.