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iPhone 5s and 5c:
Let’s make this official

iPhone-5c-40Today is the day. Which day is that, you ask? Why, it’s the day that iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c can finally, officially be activated on Ting.

If you already have a Sprint network-ready iPhone 5s or 5c in hand and said iPhone 5s or 5c has a SIM card in its SIM card tray (here’s how to check that), you’re good to go. You can bring it to a happier home with Ting.

Just enter your iPhone’s MEID into our handy checker to confirm that your device can make the move. Checking the MEID is completely risk-free. Follow through the rest of the BYOD process and just like that, your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c will be active on Ting.

If you have the phone but not the SIM card you can remedy that here.

If you’re in the market for an iPhone you can hit the Ting shop to grab one from curated listings we’ve pulled from used markets Glyde, Amazon and eBay.

Bring an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c to Ting on September 29


The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c need no introduction.

Though, I suppose, that sentence was sort of an introduction in its own right.

Enough semantics.

Starting September 29 2014, Sprint network compatible iPhone 5s and 5c devices will be able to activate on Ting.

In advance of the BYOD restriction lifting on these devices, we’re making them available in the Ting shop via used marketplaces like Glyde, eBay and Amazon. Take a look: iPhone 5s | iPhone 5c

If you already have a Sprint network-compatible iPhone 5s or 5c with a nano SIM card inserted, you’re ready to activate on September 29. Here’s how to open your iPhone SIM card tray and check.

If you have the phone part of the equation but are missing the all important nano SIM card, we’ve got plenty to go around. Grab your Ting nano SIM in advance of September 29 so you can activate on the day.

Device update: Didja miss us?

It’s not unusual or even unexpected for things to slow down in the smartphone space when the summer hits. When all the device news dries up though, it still somehow feels jarring.

So, after a couple of month’s hiatus, we’re pleased to present this, the post-summer-smartphone-slump Ting device update.

At the tail end of September (the close of the third quarter) things will start to warm up again. September will see several new devices hitting the Ting lineup. Early in the fourth quarter is looking pretty interesting too.

Before we get to that though, a note about existing stock. A supplier issue has left us out of stock on some top-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8.

The breakdown in the supply chain was an unpleasant surprise and was not properly communicated to us. As such, a few existing orders were impacted. We reached out to people that were affected directly.

As soon as we learned of the supplier problem, we started working to make other arrangements. We expect the Galaxy S5, HTC One and other top-end smartphones will make their triumphant return to the Ting shop page within three to four weeks. For our part, we apologize for the breakdown.

Motorola Moto E

Available: Mid-October (Edit: Apologize for the delay, our supplier still hasn’t confirmed a shipment date. The second we have an ETA, we’ll let you know)
Price: Sub-$150
Available for BYOD: TBD

Moto_E_Buddy_ShotsThis is the one I’m most excited for personally. The Motorola Moto E is a very capable, well-designed mid-range device with a low-end price tag. It speaks to the further commoditization of the smartphone. Device makers are starting to cotton on to the fact that a smartphone is no longer a pure luxury item. Rather, a smartphone is a tool and a utility. The range of devices and their price tags are beginning to reflect that fact.

Ting Unboxing and Giveaway: Kyocera Hydro Vibe

kyocera-vibe-front1In a recent unboxing, we mentioned that the Coolpad Quattro II is the best mid-range device to come to Ting thus far. Only a month later, we think it’s safe to say that the Quattro II has some serious competition for the throne.

While the Quattro II is only $198, for 30 bucks more you can get your hands on a quad-core powerhouse with an 8 megapixel camera that’s rated waterproof for up to 1m (3.28 feet) of water for 30 minutes.

The Kyocera Hydro Vibe’s impact-resistant glass will save your screen from any unfortunate fumbles. At the same time, Kyocera’s Smart Sonic Receiver Technology promises crisp, clear audio, even in super noisy places like a concert or a nightclub. With a 4.5-inch qHD display, 4.3 Android Jelly Bean and 4G LTE compatibility, at $228, it’s a great option at a mid-range price.

In this Ting Unboxing, we take a good look at the Hydro Vibe, check out its physical features, delve into the OS and give the device a quick dunk.

We’re also giving away two brand new Kyocera Hydro Vibes! To find out how you can enter to win this waterproof wonder, watch our unboxing. *Congrats to both of our winners!

Winner must be a resident of the United States and will be randomly selected on Friday, July 18 at 3 PM EST. The winner will be announced in this blog post and on Google+.

Bring your iPad to Ting
and get a Ting sweater!

ipadblopostOwn a Sprint iPad? Ting now supports the fourth generation iPad and first generation iPad mini!

If you have an eligible iPad in-hand and are ready to go, head over to our BYOD page and start the activation process to give your tablet a new home. If not, you can grab a Sprint-compatible model from Glyde right now and bring it over!

While tethering from your smartphone is an excellent way to save 6 bucks a month and still access data on your iPad, depending on your routine, it may not be worth it.

Often on the go? Tethering and mobile hotspots take a huge toll on your battery. Only own a feature phone? Activating your iPad with Ting is the best way to inexpensively use data anywhere you go. No need to get locked into a two year contract with a set monthly rate; with Ting, simply pay for what you use, as long as you’d like to!

Plus, if you’re one of the first 20 people to activate an iPad with Ting, you get a snazzy Ting crew neck sweatshirt! If you qualify, we’ll be sending you an email a week from today (June 25).


iPad models supported by Ting

(Not sure if your iPad model can make the move? The model number is located on the back of your device. Head to our iPad FAQ page for more info!)

  • iPad 4th generation – A1460
  • iPad Mini (1st generation) – A1455 

After announcing BYOD for the iPhone 4, 4s and 5, we’re excited to finally be able to add the ever-popular iPad to our whitelist! If you own a newer model and are wondering when you’ll be able to activate it on Ting, it will likely be around a year from the device’s release date.

Ting Unboxing and Giveaway: Coolpad Quattro II 4G LTE

coolpad_largeThe Coolpad Quattro II 4G LTE is the best mid-range smartphone to come to Ting thus far. Reliable and practical, this dual-core device packs a punch for less than you’d expect. Available for $198 and shipping by June 9th, the Quattro II is perfect for anyone looking to take advantage of LTE without having to break the bank.

Running a clean build of Android Jelly Bean, you get a super smooth experience free of bloatware and other pre-installed shenanigans. With a removable battery and up to 64GB of additional storage via microSD, it’s no wonder PCMag says that the Quattro II “offers a solid Android experience for not a lot of money“.

In this Ting Unboxing, we open the Quattro II’s box, do a quick device comparison, check out its physical features and have a look into the OS.

We’re also giving away one brand new Coolpad Quattro II 4G LTE! To find out how you can enter to win this awesome smartphone, watch our unboxing video below!

*Congratulations to the lucky winner, Carl B!

Winner must be a resident of the United States and will be randomly selected on Wednesday, June 11 at 3 PM EST. The winner will be announced in this blog post and on Google+.