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Ting Unboxing and a giveaway: Nexus 5X

 Nexus 5X – Ting shop 

The Nexus 5X is an affordable flagship smartphone co-developed by LG and Google to promote Android’s brand new operating system, 6.0 Marshmallow. It’s also the latest unboxing (and giveaway) we’re hosting on the Ting YouTube channel.

The Nexus 5X hits all of the requirements of a top-notch smartphone on the market today, addressing the drawbacks of the Nexus 5 and implementing some valuable features. The only time you might think otherwise is when you look at the price tag.

A stunning camera (even in low light settings) and 4K video recording are an awesome addition to the 5X. Battery life is no longer a chink in the armor of the Nexus line, either. You’ll find that a full day of use is no sweat for the 5X – we made it close to two in our testing.

The super fast fingerprint sensor is our favorite feature of the 5X. Positioned directly below the camera where your index finger naturally lands, there’s absolutely no effort involved in unlocking your device. Just hold your phone and you’re good to go!

The Nexus 5X runs stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow, giving you access to the latest Android tools (like Now on Tap and Doze) and Android updates the moment they’re released.

While it doesn’t sport a full metal body or glass shell, the 5X is solidly built and feels great in the hand. It’s attractive, affordable and a great match with Ting.

Like to get your hands on one? The Nexus 5X can be purchased from Google Play through our Ting shop listing.

We’re also randomly selecting a YouTube commenter to win a brand new Nexus 5X! Contest details are listed directly below.

How to enter:

  1. Subscribe to Ting on YouTube.
  2. Comment on the Nexus 5X Unboxing YouTube video (not this blog post) telling us whether you like pure, unmodified Stock Android (inside the Nexus line of devices) or prefer the way Samsung, LG and others change the Android interface.

*You must be a resident of the United States.

My month with the Moto E (2nd Gen)

In an effort to avoid shelling out for a new phone get to know the Ting smartphone lineup a little better, I’ve been trying out a different Ting-compatible phone every month for a few months.

I’ve been focusing on phones at the sub-$200 level to start. The Moto E (2nd Gen), which I’m just getting ready to give back to the Ting device pool after a month and a half trial run, is the first one that’s actually felt worthy of deeper discussion.

For one thing, it’s very sub-$200, starting at $120 ($150 for the LTE model) just $57 in the Ting Shop for a limited time!

Other sub-$200 phones I’ve tried haven’t been bad. That’s not what I’m saying at all; they offered a perfectly serviceable experience. A perfectly serviceable experience is very different from a great or otherwise discussion-worthy experience, though.

With every sub-$200 phone I tried, once the talk of raw specs vs. price tag was over, they brought me no joy. The were perfectly serviceable (there’s that phrase again) slabs of technology that left me neither really satisfied nor really disappointed.

I didn’t get that with the Moto E. While it’s obviously not what anyone would consider a particularly powerful or premium smartphone, I actually kinda fell in love.

Ting Unboxing: Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

 Grand Prime – Ting shop 

Samsung’s Galaxy Grand Prime hits the mark as a sub-$200 smartphone that performs routine smartphone tasks with ease. Checking Facebook, uploading pictures to Instagram and navigating to work via GPS are no sweat for this capable mid-range device.

The Grand Prime includes today’s essentials like LTE access and a multi-core processor, along with convenient extras like a removable battery and up to 64 GB of external storage using a microSD card.

While it’s not about to replace your laptop or primary gaming device, it’s perfect for any casual users looking for a non-nonsense smartphone. The GSM version of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is currently available in the Ting shop for $197. The CDMA is coming soon.

Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Prime in our latest unboxing below and find out how you could win one of two new Galaxy Grand Primes for yourself!

How to enter:

  1. Subscribe to Ting on YouTube.
  2. Comment on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Unboxing YouTube video (not this blog post) letting us know whether or not you think Galaxy Grand Prime is better as a smartphone name, a Transformer name or something else entirely.

*You must be a resident of the United States.

Bring a Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P to Ting

nexus 5x nexus 6p

We’re excited to announce that you can officially bring your Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P to Ting!

Powerful and well-priced, Google’s latest smartphone offerings bring a lot to the table. Whether you’re interested in a compact shell or premium phablet, the Nexus line has got you covered.

If you’d like a closer look, we’ve unboxed both phones on the Ting YouTube channel. Click here for the corresponding unboxing: Nexus 5X | Nexus 6P

We also spent a month with the Nexus 5X and shared our thoughts on the Ting blog.

The 5X and 6P are fully compatible with Ting’s GSM and CDMA networks. All you need is the correct Ting SIM card to begin the activation process.

Direct links

Nexus 5X SIM: GSM | CDMA

Nexus 6P SIM: GSM | CDMA

Will the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus work on Ting?

iPhone-6s-Rose-Gold-Front_largeIf you’re searching for an answer as to whether the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus will work on Ting, we’re pleased to be able to say that the answer is a resounding yes.


That was pretty resounding.

An iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus that’s purchased outright from Apple directly, that’s not purchased under contract or with a carrier device subsidy (Simple Choice Plan, Easy Pay, Next, whatever name they come up with next) will work.

Both the T-Mobile and SIM-free version of the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus will work on Ting on a GSM network with a Ting GSM SIM.

We’ve also confirmed that the T-Mobile (and SIM-free) version of the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus has full compatibility with the CDMA (Sprint) network. A Nano C6 CDMA SIM card is all that’s required to get it up and running. While there is a Sprint version available, Apple requires you to login to a Sprint account in order to purchase the device. It’s identical to the T-Mobile (and SIM-free) model, so there’s nothing you’ll miss out on by picking up either of those versions instead.

Until we have more information on how Apple is implementing its new monthly installment payment plan, to get a Ting-ready iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you’ll want to buy the iPhone outright. We link there from our own Ting shop listings for the iPhone 6s.

Buy online or from the Apple Store

If you’re reading this early enough, you could venture into the outernet and queue up outside the physical Apple Store on September 25 in the hopes of getting a new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus to activate on Ting. Going the physical route—if the line is long enough and the news cycle slow enough—you also get the chance of making the evening news.

Great Ting mobile deals all through September

There are some exciting things happening in the Ting shop in September. We’ve got some phones on sale, we’re offering GSM SIM cards for just $5 and to sweeten the pot further, we’re offering free shipping on everything we sell all month long.

Ting GSM SIMGSM SIM cards: $5

80% of smartphones can come to Ting (check yours). For a majority of phones, all that’s required to get up and running on Ting is a GSM SIM card. To make the decision easier than ever, we’ve knocked the price down to just $5 for a Ting GSM SIM card for the rest of September.

Free shipping, site-wide

Everything we sell ships free for the month of September. No promo codes or prequalifications necessary. Just buy something (like a GSM SIM card or one of the phones we’re about to talk about) and you’ll see that standard shipping doesn’t cost a dime.

Phones on sale

We’ve slapped the sale sticker on several phones in the Ting shop, with discounts up to $80. Everything from low to high-end phones is covered, and the sale is primarily on CDMA (Sprint network) phones, but we’ve got one GSM phone on offer too.