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Download Netflix shows and movies for offline use

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Netflix now allows movies and TV shows to be downloaded and watched offline.

Offline viewing is feature that Ting customers in particular have been waiting for. Now, with a tiny bit of pre-planning, you can save your favorite shows and movies and watch them, in full resolution, whenever you want.

Every Netflix original is available to be downloaded and stored for offline viewing. Beyond Netflix original content, you’ll find a wealth of TV shows, movies and specials available. Just keep an eye out for the new Download option in the listing.

To see all the shows and movies that are available for download, tap the Menu button in the top left. There, you’ll see a new category at the top of the page: Available for Download.

Any phone or tablet that can run the Netflix app has this new download option available. If you’re not seeing the download option, you’ll need to grab the latest update to the Netflix app. Once you have that installed, you’ll have the option to run through a quick visual tour of this new and long-awaited Netflix download feature.

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