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EYO(S)C is now live!

There hasn’t been a ton of anticipation surrounding our Embed Your Own (Savings) Calculator initiative, but I’m excited about it. If any of you are telling friends about Ting – either to earn yourselves $25 service credits or just to be good friends – and you have your own blog or website, you can now offer up your very own savings calculator.

Here is the embed code:

<iframe src=”” width=”900″ height=”500″ frameborder=0></iframe>

If you don’t know what to do with that (or have any problems) and you would like to have a Ting savings calculator on your site, we are happy to help. Just comment here and we will have someone geeky get back to you.

Meanwhile, I’m going to give it a try myself here:

Hey, look at me! I’m a coder! By the way, we intentionally stripped out any “Get Started” buttons after the calculation so that you can just include a button that links to your unique referral URL. Enjoy.