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Our favorite phones for seniors: senior phones are simple and budget-friendly

Smartphones for seniors


If you’re looking for senior phones and senior friendly cell phones, you’ve come to the right place. This roundup will walk you through some feature and smartphone options that are great for the elderly.

Seniors who are new to tech might use less data and they may text and call moderately. If this sounds like you or someone you know, consider Ting Mobile for service. On Ting, you only pay for the minutes, texts and megabytes you actually use.

Start at just $6 per line and then use your phone however you need to. At the end of the month, settle up at a fair price for what you used. For people who don’t use their phone a lot, Ting is a really affordable option. See how much you or the senior in your life could save.

What smartphone is best for seniors?

Donna is a retired teacher and grandmother. She has a flip phone she uses for calling friends and family, but she’s been thinking about something with a few extra features like a better camera and the ability to send and receive email.

There are lots of great choices out there for cell phones for seniors. Donna wants something that is simple and hassle-free. She’s used FaceTime before on her daughter’s phone and may want to video chat with her grandchildren.

Let’s see some examples of what Donna’s options might be. Whether or not she chooses to step up to a smartphone, Donna has plenty of options.

Feature phones: great cell phones for seniors

Basic cell phones for seniors are not to be overlooked when shopping for a new phone. Simple cell phones for seniors, like feature phones and flip phones, make staying in touch easy and limits the stress and confusion that can be associated with multiple apps.

Alcatel Go Flip $49 in the Ting Shop

The Alcatel Go Flip is easy to use, easy to hold and easy to handle. It boasts big, clear keys and a 2.8-inch interior display. It includes some simple apps like a music player, calendar and calculator, but otherwise, it’s pure utility. We recommend the Alcatel Go Flip for seniors who want simple calling and texting available, and don’t need access to the Internet on the go.

Smartphones for seniors

While unknown tech might feel difficult to navigate, the truth is, it was made to be useful. Some of the best phones for senior citizens are definitely smartphones.

Go with a Motorola: a solid smartphone for seniors

At Ting, we love Motorola phones. Their lineup of smartphones shows that you can truly get a quality smartphone experience for less than $200. For seniors, we recommend going with Moto E4 Plus ($169 in the Ting Shop or $11/mo with financing from Affirm) for its big battery. It will get you through two days or more depending on how much you’re using your phone.

We also think Moto G6 Play ($199 in the Ting Shop or $12/mo with financing from Affirm) would make a great phone for seniors who love taking pictures and video chatting. Moto G6 Play comes with 36 hours of battery life, a spectacular camera set and a bright and beautiful display.

iPhone 7: an entry-level iPhone for seniors

iPhone 7 ($449 in the Ting Shop or $21/mo with financing from Affirm) offers an undeniably user-friendly experience and is easy to navigate. You can make it as simple as you like by stripping down apps to the bare essentials: calling, texting, email and browser. It doesn’t get more intuitive than this.

Already have a smartphone?

If you already own an Android smartphone, Wiser is an app that replaces the original Android home screen with an easy to use, straightforward launcher. You’ll have a simplified smartphone experience without having to spend an extra cent. Learn more about Wiser in our app review.

Still can’t decide?

See how a smartphone helps Ting customer Anne Elizabeth stay connected on the go.

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What’s in store?

What’s in store?

In the Ting shop you’ll find everything from good ol’ flip phones to the latest iPhone and Android phones.

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