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Five capable smartphones under $100

What do you need a phone for anyway? You might want to check for updates in your newsfeed or record an incredible concert video or catch up on new shows in your downtime. You might even want to make a phone call.

What you don’t need is a phone that drives up the balance on your credit card. The Galaxy S7 is $800, and the iPhone 7 is close to $1000. Don’t let the flashy ads fool you – make the smarter choice and invest hundreds into yourself instead.

Here are five smartphones under a hundred bucks that can do everything you need them to…and not a whole lot more.

1. LG Tribute 5

Affordable phones under 100 - LG Tribute 5Price: $55

CDMA network

Looking for a brand you can trust? Get an LG, just don’t buy the most expensive one.

This is without a doubt the lowest price you can find for a brand-new quad-core 1.1Ghz Snapdragon processor housed inside a slick shell. LG’s signature design is still apparent, throwing the power button and volume rocker on the back of the device, where your finger naturally rests.

Both rear and front facing cameras have 5 megapixel shooters, so if selfies are your thing, the Tribute 5 is where it’s at. This LTE capable device is on sale for just $55 – grab one now before they’re gone.

2. BLU Studio Selfie 2

Affordable phones under 100 - BLU Studio Selfie 2Price: $69.99

GSM network

Be real for a second. Selfies are what matter. Anyone can take a picture of a plate of food. BLU’s 13-megapixel camera makes you look good, no matter who’s photobombing you in the background.

The Studio Selfie 2 comes with an immediate upgrade to Android 6.0: Marshmallow so you won’t miss out on the latest features.

Grab one off Amazon, pick up a Ting GSM SIM card and you’re good to go.

3. BLU Studio J5

Affordable phones under 100 - BLU Studio J5Price: $83

GSM network

Looking for something that works great, but looks great too? Check out the BLU Studio J5.

Attractive and compact, the J5 is for iPhone lovers who prefer not to spend their life savings on a single device. Running Android 6.0: Marshmallow, it offers a smooth experience running most apps, taking videos, listening to music and more.

LTE gives you access to the latest network speeds, and dual cameras means you won’t miss out on that perfect selfie.

4. ZTE Warp Elite

Affordable phones under 100 - ZTE Warp ElitePrice: $89.99

CDMA network

ZTE’s Warp Elite has a lot more than you might expect. While just $90, it rocks a 5.50-inch 720p display, 16 GB of storage (including a microSD card slot) and LTE compatibility. 2 GB of RAM means you’ll have power to run the latest apps with ease, and a 3000 mAh battery gives you the juice to keep it going for a full day.

Take top-notch photos with the Warp Elite’s 13 megapixel rear camera. Its front camera is no slouch either – 5 megapixels captures a solid shot.

5. Moto G4 Play

Affordable phones under 100 - Moto G4 PlayPrice: $99.99 (ad-supported) | $149 (ad free)

GSM and CDMA networks

Just a penny shy of $100, this barely squeaks in under the radar. The Moto G4 Play is worth that penny and every other penny you can afford to spend on it. Packing in 2 GB of RAM for flawless gameplay on a bright 5-inch HD display, the G4 Play feels premium from both the inside and out.

With the Moto G4 Play, you get Android as Google intended it – clean and simple. There’s only one preloaded app from Motorola, called Moto, which tells you more about the neat features and gestures that are implemented in the phone. The battery life is one of the longest on the market, so you can keep playing while your friends search for an outlet.

The only way you can get it this cheap is with Amazon Prime ads on your lock screen. Otherwise, it’s still a good deal at $149 for the ad-free version.

What now?

Nobody is going to judge you by the logo on your phone. If you can do everything you need to do, your phone is just a tool to take you there. You wouldn’t waste money on a gold-plated hammer. Don’t waste money on a flagship phone or a big-name phone company.

All the phones listed above are compatible with Ting mobile services. Just grab your desired phone and pick up a Ting SIM card to get started.