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Five great apps for parents

Recommended apps for parents

Becoming a parent is a pretty marvellous thing. One day its all about you and the next its all about your brand new kiddo, their hopes and dreams, their trials eating vegetables and tribulations potty-training.

apps for parentsOkay, if you’re a parent you’re probably aware that rearing your very own rugrat isn’t always glamorous. Between making endless PB and J sandwiches, driving kids to and from soccer practice and your dreaded return to long division homework, being a modern parent is no easy feat.

Luckily, technology is on your side. The market is flooded with great apps for parents with kids of all ages. And we’ve rounded up five of our favorites.


At Ting, we love ChoreMonster. It makes household chores fun and keeps kids motivated. Parents create and assign chores to their kids’ task lists. Different chores can have different points values and kids earn points after completing tasks within the app.

Kids can redeem points for rewards parents create like TV time, treats or sleepovers. ChoreMonster also has Amazon integration so you can add items from Amazon to your child’s set of rewards. When kids earn enough points, they can exchange them for the reward and the product will automatically ship from Amazon to your home.

ChoreMonster supports iOS, AndroidKindle Fire and web browsers.

Learn more about how ChoreMonster works in our video review:


Artkive lets you store your kids’ artwork all in once place. Just take a picture of their artwork or upload it from your camera roll. You have the ability to organize pieces by child and tag photos with your kid’s name, age, date and title. You can also integrate social media for sharing all those special moments with family and friends.

apps for parentsArtkive saves all your photos on a cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing a thing. You can access Artkive from your phone, tablet and computer.

Artkive also has cool product options for making one of a kind keepsakes like hardcover books with anywhere from 20 to 200 pictures. Budsies are unique stuffed toys inspired by your child’s doodles of animals, creatures and imaginary friends.

Artkive supports iOS and Android. User reviews say this is a more Mac-friendly app.

Check out their video and see what happens when you don’t save your kid’s artwork.


Life 360 works like a family locator and message system all in one. It helps to keep families connected while they’re apart.

With Life360 you don’t have to wait to get a hold of someone to find out where they are. The app lets you view your family members’ locations on a private map. Users can send check in notifications when they arrive at a location or set up automated alerts for when they arrive at favorite spots like home, work and school. Life360 pins down smartphone location through a mix of GPS, cell triangulation and Wi-Fi. You can also chat with family along the way through the app.

If you have teenage drivers you’ll love Life360’s safe driving capabilities. The app offers emergency response features, crash detection and safe drive reviews so you can see how your family is doing on the road.

Life360 is available for iPhone and Android. You can grab it in the App Store or on Google Play.



Here’s a lifesaver for you non-math types doing homework help: Photomath. It’s an augmented reality app and frankly, the name says it all. Use your camera to hover over an equation in your kid’s notebook and adjust the view to capture it with Photomath’s handwriting recognition.

Photomath populates the problem along with a solution. If you catch any errors (maybe Photomath read your 3 as an 8 by mistake) you can go in and fix it yourself. Your answer will adjust accordingly.

Photomath also provides the solving steps for problems (remember BEDMAS?) so you can walk through the solution with your little mathematician.

I’ve got to admit, I found this one pretty nifty. Photomath has won over teachers, students and parents alike. It’s available for iPhone and Android.



RedRover is a social network where parents can find activities and follow museums, cultural centers, libraries, zoos, aquariums and more. Parents can access RedRover from their phone or desktop and build a calendar of fun activities.

You can follow your favorite places and friends and see what’s going on in your town. You can also filter activities by date, location, interests and most shared, and save favorite events and places for future visits.

RedRover’s database of places is powered by FourSquare and parents are encouraged to suggest venues not currently available on RedRover. If there’s an activity you love and would like to share with other parents in your community, now’s the time.

RedRover lets you sign in as a first time user with your Twitter or Facebook. On RedRover you’ll find exhibits, drop-in classes, arts and crafts, sports, shows and festivals. RedRover is available for iPhone and Android and has a web version.