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Five things Android can do that iPhone can’t

android vs ios

If you haven’t already pledged your allegiance to team Android, maybe this article will pull you away from your precious Apple device. We’re going to let you in on five things Android phones can do that iPhone can’t.

All joking aside, there’s a bunch of things Android can do that iPhone users can only dream of doing.

We’ll walk you through some of our favorite and most useful Android features that Apple doesn’t offer on the iPhone: displaying two apps on screen, home screen customization, flexible file managers, guest mode and extra storage.

Display two apps on screen

The split-screen mode has been available for Android users since the release of Nougat. This feature is especially useful for multitasking and upping your productivity. Not to mention, it looks great on larger displays or tablets.

To launch split-screen mode, have just one app open and then touch and hold the recent apps button. Now select the second app from your list of recent apps. You can resize the windows by using the middle slider.

things Android can do

Home screen customization

If you don’t like the look of your home screen or you want to switch it up, consider grabbing Nova Launcher or another Android launcher app. Nova Launcher completely replaces your Android home screen with a customizable interface. In just a couple minutes, you can make your home screen look however you want it to.

things Android can do
Android home screen before Nova and after customizing.

Another feature of Android that lets you customize your home screen is the ability to create widgets. Widgets are app extensions that live on your home screen and let you quickly access information without opening the app in full.

To add a widget to your home screen, you’ll need to have its parent app installed already. Then, just press and hold on your home screen. Select Widget under the Add to Home menu.

things Android can do
things Android can do

Flexible file managers

Android’s OS lets you download a wide variety of file manager apps. You can choose an explorer with the sleekest look or the simplest navigation, whatever works best for you. Access and edit all the files on your smartphone like your latest downloads, photos and more.

The very popular File Manager is a free, easy to use file explorer for your Android. Google also recently launched its own file manager to public beta Files Go.

Guest account

Android has a helpful native feature called Guest Mode that lets you limit access to all your apps when handing your phone over to someone else. While in Guest Mode, they’ll only be able to open the default apps on your phone and your accounts won’t be logged in, giving you peace of mind that your personal info is safe from prying eyes.

Add extra storage

Here’s one of the biggest benefits of choosing an Android phone: extra storage. Lots of Android phones let you add additional storage space with a microSD card. Customization and flexibility are huge wins for Android, and extra storage is pretty appealing.

Apps can take up a lot of space so consider moving some of yours to a microSD card. After you put your microSD card in, navigate to Applications then Application manager. Tap the app you want to move. Apps that can be transferred to the card will offer the option to be moved to your SD card, but keep in mind that not all apps can take advantage of this feature.

If your phone doesn’t have expandable storage, no sweat. With a USB OTG cable, you can plug a USB drive directly into your device and access the content without having to transfer anything to your smartphone.

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