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Five ways to refer a friend to Ting

refer a friend to ting

The Ting Refer a Friend program gives you a unique referral link that offers new customers $25 off their bill or $25 off a new phone in the Ting Shop. You’ll get $50 off your bill after your first successful referral, and $25 off your bill for each referral after that.

Perhaps you’ve found some success getting your mom and dad to switch to Ting, or maybe your siblings or a couple friends. While word of mouth is a great way to get Ting referral credit, there’s many ways to share, from posting testimonials to commenting on reddit.


nextdoorNextdoor is a social media website and app that connects you with your real life, geographic neighbors to share info about what’s going on in your community. Whether you’re looking for the best sushi in town or want to share next weekend’s garage sale, Nextdoor is the place to go.

Nextdoor is also known as a source for recommendations and referrals. Many of your neighbors may not have heard of Ting, so if you’re having a great experience why not spread the word? Maybe Ting coverage is great in the area, or you’ve realized that Ting customer support is miles ahead of your last cell phone provider.

Whatever the reasoning, sharing a recommendation about Ting and including your unique $25 referral link is a great way to lower your monthly bill and let your neighbors know that there’s a smarter choice for mobile service.

ting subredditTing subreddit

The Ting subreddit ( is a great place to discuss everything related to Ting service, smartphones and the US mobile industry at large.

Many interested customers have questions about Ting and take to reddit to get advice from others who are knowledgeable about the mobile industry in America. Popular questions include “Will my phone work on Ting?”, “How much would I pay with x amount of usage?” and “How do I enable Wi-Fi calling/another specific feature?” If you think you have the chops to help out some of these users, why not subscribe to the Ting subreddit and join in on the discussion? You can easily add your referral link to your flair (it’s just below the number of subscribers in the sidebar) and let users know they can get $25 off their bill if they use your link when signing up for Ting.

We also offer a yearly cakeday credit, where you can post in a stickied thread on the day you created your reddit account and pick up $20 off your Ting bill!

ting facebook pageSocial media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media services are a great place to share your opinion online about the things you love. If Ting has been treating you well, you could write a post about us and share your unique referral link.

You could also leave us a Facebook review and share it on your profile if you’d like to do something a little more powerful.

If you’ve ordered a Ting SIM card and received a Ting sticker – make sure to enter our monthly #TingIt contest where you could win one of two $100 Ting credits! If you don’t need a Ting SIM but would like to enter the #TingIt contest, stay tuned, we’ll be doing a Ting sticker giveaway soon.


Have a travel blog that hasn’t been updated in past two years? If you have your own Internet space, an easy way to gain referral credit is to write a blog post about your Ting experience. Interested users will be able to find your article when searching for Ting reviews online, and the better your SEO skills, the more clicks you’ll get!

As some best practice tips for new affiliates, make sure to add relevant visuals and link to your Ting referral URL multiple times throughout your post.

youtube iconYouTube

If you’d like to share your Ting story but aren’t the biggest fan of writing, why not make a video? It only takes a couple minutes and it’s likely that the device you’re using right now has a camera – why not turn it on and record a Ting review?

If you’d like some inspiration, hit up YouTube and search for “Ting reviews.” You could also post your video on social media (or your blog) to increase its exposure.

There’s even more ways to spread the word, like printing out your own Ting referral card or adding your unique referral link to your email signature.

How have you found the most success with Ting referrals? Let us know in the comments below.