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Lyndon S. gives our “eager to help” customer support agents five stars

helpful customer support

When Lyndon decided it was time to move to a carrier that would save him some money, he didn’t have to look further than his own family for advice. Lyndon’s brother told him about the great experience he was having with Ting Mobile and recommended Lyndon give it a try. After all, with no contracts, he could leave anytime if he didn’t love it. 

Well, two years later, Lyndon still loves being on Ting Mobile.

Friendly and helpful customer support

“I switched to Ting because of the low cost and the fact that I could bring my own phone,” he explained, adding that he saves as much as $30 a month when compared to his previous service provider. With coverage that he describes as “excellent,” Lyndon doesn’t have to worry about sacrificing the quality of his mobile experience for those savings.

Other than the simplicity of the Ting Mobile experience, Lyndon’s favorite thing about Ting is the customer support.

“Ting customer support agents are super friendly and eager to help.” We think we take compliments pretty well, but Lyndon’s 5/5 rating was enough to make us blush. Thanks, Lyndon! If you’re still not sold, you can read more about why people love Ting Mobile.

Try Ting with your phone

Try Ting with your phone

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