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american_flagBased on a Facebook thread a couple of days ago, it looks like we have plenty of soccer fans among our customers, friends and followers. So here’s what we’ll do.

We will give away a device of your choice for every goal the USMNT scores for the remainder of the tournament. (Shut up. They will score goals. In fact, I believe Jozy Altidore will net one in the second round. “I BELIEVE…”)

To enter, you need to tweet within two minutes of the official time of each goal.

Your tweet should include:
– “Goal!”
– @tingftw

Please try to put @tingftw somewhere other than the beginning of your tweet. That makes it look like a reply or a private conversation and sometimes prevents it from being displayed to your followers.

If you want to make me happy, mention something about this promotion, for example:
“Goal! Now give me my free device!” @tingftw #USMNT.”

If you want to make me really happy, make some corny link between Ting and the game, for example:
“Goal! Maybe if the keeper had @tingftw, he would have SAVED that. Boom. #USMNT”

For each goal, we will draw one winner from all submissions and award you any device on our whitelist.

I don’t care if you watched it already, watch it again, louder: