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Let’s get lazy with Google Assistant

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Quick tips to get the most from your phone, your favorite apps and your Ting service. No fluff. Just the tips.

Google Assistant

Do more with Google Assistant so you can do less

Today’s tip covers native Assistant, the one that comes with the latest Android smartphones and can open apps, send messages on your behalf, brief you with the news and more.

Google Assistant is available natively on Android and in the App Store for iOS. It’s also available inside Allo, Google’s latest messaging app, where it aims to help you with daily tasks based on what you’re chatting about.

A slight catch for iOS users – the Google Assistant app will not have the Always listening feature that’s available on Android. The quickest way to prompt Google Assistant on iOS is by adding it to your list of widgets so it’s never far from reach. You can also talk and type your requests directly inside the Google Assistant app (and through Allo).

We’re going to show you our favorite tips for making the most of Google Assistant. Put up your feet and let Google’s AI get to work. Maybe toss in a little please and thank you every now and then. We still don’t know how this whole Assistant thing is going to turn out (and if it turns out for the worst, may our robot overlords be merciful).

Open Netflix

Say: OK Google, watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Google Assistant

Or whatever you want to watch. It’s just a suggestion.

I’m bored

Tell Google Assistant you’re bored and it will do its best to entertain. Choose a game or get a joke. You can ask Assistant more about whatever content it provides and even learn something new.

Google Assistant

Take a selfie

Why bother opening your camera yourself? Just tell Google Assistant to “take a selfie” and get your good side.

Google Assistant

Of, if you can’t be bothered to press a button, there’s a command for that too. Say: Okay Google, take a screenshot.

Share my location

Late to meet someone? Just tell Google to share your location with them.

Google Assistant

Do you have a favorite command for Google Assistant? We’re always on the lookout for more.
Let us know in the comments.