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Google Photos: How awesome is Auto Awesome?

Google Auto Awesome auto edits your photos

Is that a robotic photo editor in your pocket? After getting used to Google Photos’ automatic editing technology, Auto Awesome, it might just feel that way!

Google Photos has recently been updated to give you endless picture possibilities. It examines the media you’ve backed up in the cloud and creates impressive copies of your images. Whether you’re taking landscape shots, group photos or a selfie, Google has the tools and effects to turn your snaps into altered masterpieces.

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Auto Backup

auto awesome
Similar to Dropbox or iCloud, Auto Backup will store all your images and videos in the cloud, accessible across all your devices and the web.

To take advantage of Auto Awesome edits, you’re going to want to enable this setting. To do so, open Google Photos, tap the menu icon, select Settings and choose Auto Backup.

We recommend you choose to back up your photos “Over Wi-Fi only” to save on mobile data.


Auto Awesome

This is where the magic happens. Google has designed a robotic digital darkroom assistant that determines when you have (or haven’t) taken a great photo. It examines the pictures you’ve uploaded to Google and using intelligent software, produces neat, edited versions just for you. It’s like having your very own professional photo editor – except that every edit is a pleasant surprise!

You’ll see creative copies of your pictures and videos that range from super cheesy to genuinely touching.

At the moment, there are five different types of Auto Awesome creations:

  • Motion – Google recognizes when you’ve taken a set of similar photos and constructs them into an animated GIF.
  • Smile – Take several photos of the same group of people and Google will choose the best elements of each and merge them into one picture-perfect snap.
  • Pano – Shoot a few panning landscape photos and google will combine them into one awesome panorama. If your current device can’t take panoramas, this is your go-to workaround.
  • Mix – Take a few close up pictures with a similar background or scene and Google will create a photobooth-style image for you.
  • HDR – Take multiple photos of the same scene at different exposures and Google will merge them into a top-notch pic.

Auto Highlights

The front page of Google Photos displays your Highlights. This is a curated list of your “best” pictures and videos as assessed by Google, which could be 15 epic shots from your recent trip to Mexico, or an animated gif created from a series of snaps taken at your latest soccer game.

Google automatically recaps your special moments in two different ways:

  • Auto Awesome Movies – Recent pictures and videos are assembled into a fancy highlight reel, complete with filters, cuts and a soundtrack.
  • Stories – Using your location history, a “story” is created from pictures you’ve taken while on a trip. This timeline-style image feed displays the greatest moments of your visit and even shows you where you traveled on a map.

auto awesome






Auto Enhanceauto awesome

Google adjusts the visual elements in your photos to create an “Enhanced” copy. This feature makes small adjustments to your photos to increase the lighting, remove red-eye and more! While these edits aren’t always the most apparent, it’s a useful feature that does a lot behind the scenes to make your pictures as clear and vibrant as possible.

To enable and disable your enhancement, tap the magic wand in the bottom right.


Manually create an Auto Awesome

Own an Android device? You can manually select and arrange the media you want inside an Auto Awesome Movie, Motion or Mix.

To do so, open the Photos app, tap the plus icon, select your desired creation and begin adding your content.