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A GPS tracker for Halloween night: use share location with your trick-or-treater

GPS tracker

A GPS tracker for Halloween night

A safety tip for Halloween

If you’re looking for some Halloween safety rules, tips or tricks to implement with your older trick-or-treater this year, we’ve got a great tip for you. Turn your child’s phone into a GPS tracker for Halloween night.

Google Maps has a cool little feature that lets you share locations in real-time. You can see where your trick-or-treaters are and supervise from home. This is an awesome Halloween safety tip for parents of slightly older kids (think early middle school) where kids might be asking to trick-or-treat on their own with a group of friends.

Great for responsible kids: a GPS tracker for Halloween night

It’s worth mentioning that this method of tracking your kids location requires they’re on board with the whole thing. You can help them set it up on their smartphone in just a couple of minutes. Just follow our step-by-step guide below.

Halloween tech tips for parents

In our digital lifestyle survey to parents, we found that 45% of parents of kids with phones used some kind of location tracking service to monitor their child’s location. It makes sense that parents would want to add an extra safety measure on Halloween.

This GPS tracker for Halloween night is easy to set up. You’ll need two Google Accounts (one for you and one for your child), two devices and the Google Maps app installed on both devices.

You can set up a tablet at home while you hand out candy and send your child out with a smartphone.

Here’s a step by step process so you know exactly how to share locations this Halloween.

Share location

1. Open the Google Maps app on your kid’s phone. Tap on the sidebar and make sure they’re logged into their Google Account.

A GPS tracker for Halloween night

2. In the sidebar, tap Share location. Select the Add People icon at the top right.

A GPS tracker for Halloween night

3. You can choose to share your kid’s location for a particular number of hours or indefinitely (until you turn off the feature).

Tip: You need to give Google Maps access to your location even while you’re not using the app. Location sharing won’t work without this permission.
A GPS tracker for Halloween night

4. Tap the Select People icon at the bottom left. Add your Google Account from the list of frequent contacts or by entering your information.

A GPS tracker for Halloween night

On your phone: receive the share location request

1. On your phone: receive the notification to your Gmail account or in the Google Maps app.

A GPS tracker for Halloween night

Kids GPS tracker for Halloween night

That’s it! Now your device at home works like a kids GPS tracker for Halloween night.

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