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Head to Head: Waze vs Navfree

Welcome to the second episode of Head to Head! This week’s contenders are Waze and Navfree, two useful navigation apps. If you missed the first episode of Head to Head and aren’t exactly sure what’s going on, here’s a quick overview:

Two comparable apps face off and it’s up to you to decide who wins! To vote, click on your favorite app at the end of the video. One week later, we’ll post an entertaining results video and announce the winning app!

ting sweater1

For this episode, we’re giving away two Ting sweatshirts! To enter:

  1. Be a Ting YouTube subscriber.
  2. Pick your preferred app at the end of the “Head to Head” video below
  3. Comment on the “Thanks for voting” video telling us why it’s your favorite!

So which mapping app do you prefer, Waze or Navfree? Watch and vote on the Head to Head video below then leave your comment on the voting video for your preferred app on YouTube.

The votes are in.

Find out which navigation app came out on top!