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Hiya protects you from spam callers and phishing scams

Using Hiya to avoid phishing calls and scams

Save yourself the spam call headache with Hiya

Everybody hates spam calls. Beyond those annoying “you won a cruise” messages that interrupt your day and clog your voicemail, scammers can use your phone number in phishing schemes and even trick you into giving up precious personal information. Luckily, when it comes to blocking spam and flagging unwanted numbers, you’ve got options.

We like the app Hiya | Android | iOS | because it serves numbers with a side of context. Hiya gives bit more information about numbers outside of your contact list, flagging them as likely spam, a colleague from work or an important call from the doctor’s office. Hiya also lets you control and update a personalized block list and report nuisance callers.

Hiya aggregates spam lists from their carrier partners to offer comprehensive protection against annoying and phishy calls and texts. It’s ad-free and easy to use. Grab the app and start protecting yourself today.

Read the privacy policy

Hiya is a free app, and with all free apps these days, they’re in the business of data. Before you download the app and use their service, read their privacy policy and make sure you’re comfortable with the fine print.

Getting started with Hiya

To use Hiya, you’ll have to enable phone permissions and let the app access your contacts as well as block and identify calls. Follow the instructions on your device when you get started to enable the right permissions in your OS.

Identify and block calls

You can identify a number by searching it.

Using Hiya on a phone to avoid phishing calls.

Or add a call to your personalized block list.

Adding a call to your personalized block list using Hiya on a phone.

Get calls with context

Once you’ve given Hiya phone permissions, the app will be able to identify incoming calls. You can choose in your Options tab whether you want to block all potential scam, spam and neighbor scam calls.

How do you manage spam calls and phishing scams?

Do you use another app? Let us know in the comments.

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