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78% of people do most of their holiday shopping online. Plus, more insights from our holiday shopping survey.

holiday shopping online

Do you price check items on your holiday shopping list? A recent survey from Ting shows that more people than ever are doing their holiday shopping online and using the Internet, technology and their phones to wrangle their holiday shopping and find the best deals.

Shoppers use their phones and technology to up their shopping game

78% of people say they do their holiday shopping online rather than in-store, but technology seems to have enabled some saving for those who still find themselves browsing in real life. 88% of people said that they have searched for a better deal online for an item they found in-store, and 32% of people say they saved between 10-20% off the store price during their most successful score.

Mobile phones also allow shoppers to enlist the help of remote family and friends when picking out holiday gifts: 36% of people say that they share purchase ideas while shopping via text message/instant messaging, and 35% snap a picture of potential gift items and send them for a second opinion.

Different strokes

We analyzed four groups of people to see how much they spend on average on all their holiday shopping. It was no surprise that Ting customers who responded to the survey spend on average just $584 on all their holiday shopping.

That’s 42% less than the national average! Ting is the cell phone service that helps you save. Ting does rates, not plans, and people only pay for what they actually use. Ting gives people control over how much they spend, which is why most people on Ting spend less (in fact, the average TIng bill is just $23/mo for one phone).

Check out who’s saving and who’s spending during the holiday season.