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The wacky, cool cell phones of Hollywood

wacky cool cell phones

We’ll never forget these cool cell phones from TV and the movies

Believe it or not, some of us grew up in the time where cell phones were still a novelty both in real life, on TV and in the movies.

Whether Hollywood was trying to play on our gadget envy or make us laugh, these cool cell phones made a statement, in ways that came off as wacky at best.

Keep your eyes peeled for all your favorites and even one that’s making a comeback.

cool cell phones
1. Zach Morris’ classic brick phone from Saved by the Bell (1983-1993)

When you think of Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell, there’s a chance that brick phone of his comes to mind. The sheer size of it, the antennae, it’s everything a cellphone used to be. Inconvenient.

2. Neo’s Nokia 8110 banana phone from The Matrix (1999)

This one is being reloaded… get it? Yes, it’s true. Nokia is bringing back the banana phone featured in the Matrix. When The Matrix came out in 1999, Nokia was a pretty big deal, and so was the banana phone.

3. James Bond’s Ericsson JB988 from Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Bond used this cell phone to remote control a BMW 750IL and execute a most daring escape in Tomorrow Never Dies, complete with a headfirst dive into the backseat.

4. Tony Stark’s LG VX9400 from Iron Man (2007)

cool cell phones

Ah yes, the LG VX9400. With that screen that slides up for a horizontal view. Tony Stark uses this phone to communicate the successful presentation of Stark Industries Jericho missile.

As an aside, are we the only ones who feel like Iron Man came out two years ago? This phone looks old. Way old. Does that mean we’re old?

Let’s not go there.

 5. The weird X phone from X2: X-Men United (2003)

You might remember Wolverine finding a cell phone in the dashboard of Cyclop’s car in X2: X-Men United. As if being a superhero wasn’t already cool, it looks like Cyclops had his own personal X-Phone, ages before iPhone X.

6. Zoolander’s tiny phone from Zoolander (2001)

Did you think we’d forget the tiny phone? At a time when trendy tech was getting smaller and smaller, the tiny phone made a statement, winning a place in our hearts forever.

7. The shoe phone from Get Smart (1965-1969)

cool cell phones

The gimmick, the glory, the Get Smart shoe phone. The shoe phone poked fun at James Bond style gadgets hidden in everyday items. A removable shoe sole allowed main character, secret agent Maxwell Smart to hide a communication device and was a notable series standout.

Out of all of Hollywood’s wacky, weird and downright cool cell phones, which one’s your favorite? Comment below and let us know.