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How to make money on Twitch by partnering with Ting

Got a Twitch stream?

Are you a streamer? Wondering how to make money on Twitch? If you’re interested in spreading the word about a smarter choice for mobile phone service, consider becoming a Ting affiliate.

Whether you can pull 50, 500 or 5,000 concurrent viewers when you stream on Twitch.TV, we’ll give you the tools to spread the word about the smarter choice for mobile.

What’s an affiliate you ask? Well, affiliate marketers earn bounties or credit from businesses for every new customer they send the business’ way. It’s an awesome side hustle and can even become a full-time job if you’re a savvy self-starter. 

Ting is one of the best cell phone providers out there for gamers. Thousands of gamers currently use Ting and save a ton of money each month on their phone bill.

The more often you’re around Wi-Fi, the cheaper your monthly bill on Ting will be, which is an easy sell to gamers who spend a lot of time gaming on a Wi-Fi connection.

How to make money on Twitch

With Ting, it’s easy to make money on Twitch. If you’ve got a Twitch stream and a solid Twitch subscriber count, you’re just about ready to step into the world of professional gaming by becoming a Ting affiliate.

Partnering with Ting is the perfect way to get paid to play video games. We’ll show you how to talk Ting and encourage your subscribers to test out our services. Gamers like you can save a ton of money by switching to Ting. Get in touch with us and find out how you can become an affiliate for smarter mobile service.

Become a Ting affiliate

Get dedicated Ting marketing support for Twitch banners, overlays and more. We’ll provide you with a unique promo code link for your audience.
how to make money on twitch$25 bounty on every new line activated
how to make money on twitch45-day referral cookie
twitch streamMonthly payouts by Impact Radius
become an affiliateImproved rates and extra perks available for larger streamers and affiliates who show commitment and success.