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Introducing Ting Sans™

Ting Sans

Last month, Netflix unveiled a custom-made typeface for their platform. Immediately, everyone at Ting HQ wondered if we should have our own font. After all, we’re font-worthy, aren’t we?

Ting First to Market with 6G Mobile Network Technology

For immediate release

Ting mobile is very pleased to be the first carrier in North America to lay claim to offering 6G Mobile Network Technology.

The brand new 6G Mobile Network Technology promises to be at least twice as fast as the 3G standard for cellular data and market tested as feeling 2.7 times more legit than the 5G iteration of 4G network technology that forward-thinking mobile marketing and communications teams have already coined.

Verizon Plans – More for More

Verizon created a lot of excitement a few days ago when they announced that they were bringing back unlimited data plans. Out of curiosity (and maybe some fear), I ran the numbers on what Ting customers paid in January compared to each of the new Verizon plans:

With one device – 97.6% of our customers paid less than the $80 they would pay on Verizon
With two devices – 99.6% paid less than the $140 they would pay on Verizon
With three devices – 99.3% paid less than the $160 they would pay on Verizon
With four devices – 99.1% paid less than the $180 they would pay on Verizon

I think unlimited data – both never having to be mindful (getting on Wi-Fi, caching music and maps) and potentially doing even more on the go – can be a wonderful luxury.

On a personal note, I also think we should all have some affordable luxuries. I have been buying this silly little baguette with smoked salmon, cucumber and dill at a nearby coffee shop for like $15 on Saturday mornings after I work out. It feels wrong every time. But it is so good.

I just think it is helpful to point out that our 150,000 budget-conscious Ting families (and the millions of budget-conscious potential Ting families they represent) averaging $23 per device a month can get more for more with Verizon and others, but they still cannot get more for less.

Ting Internet. Next stop: Centennial, Colorado

internet providers centennial co
Centennial, Colorado has the greatest the great outdoors has to offer right at its doorstep. It boasts beautiful views of the Front Range and with those mountains, amazing skiing and snowboarding nearby. That said, this is no quiet mountain town.

Centennial is all about business. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. The City itself is quick and efficient.

We, as humans, are excited about the possibilities presented by the beauty that’s all around Centennial. We, as a business that mirrors the same values of agility and efficiency, are excited about the mutual opportunity that’s here.

Ting drops data prices to $10 GB beyond the first gig

Today, we’re dropping our data prices to $10 per gigabyte beyond the 1 GB Large level.

If you’ve been looking at Ting but the data cost just seemed too high, you should re-do your calculations.

If you’re already a Ting customer, you simply pay less for data, starting with your next full billing cycle. You don’t have to call and threaten to cancel your account in order to get transferred to our retention department for us to extend this new pricing to you. Just as well really, given that we don’t actually have a specific retention department.

Take a look at the rates page to see some changes.

Consumer Reports’ annual cell phone service report is out.
Challengers outpace the incumbents again in 2015

Congratulations to Consumer Cellular, Republic Wireless and us! It looks like readers had some really nice things to say about us as a whole again in the annual Consumer Reports annual cell phone service ratings.

Seems we three are the new incumbent carriers. The ones to beat. So it is that we sat down together for an in-camera meeting and agreed that the innovation stops here. This far, no further. No new ideas! Unless they’re ideas on how to wring an extra few cents out of our respective customer bases.

We don’t need to say we’re kidding, do we?

Started from the bottom

Just a few years ago, we upstart carriers (MVNOs or mobile virtual network operators, if you want to get all technical) were regarded with suspicion. Now, as reports like this one from this most respected of consumer review outlets make clear, the tide is turning.

The message that MVNO customers don’t get second rate service (because they don’t) and that we’re not fly by night outfits is catching. When it comes to cell phone service, the idea that the way things have always been done is the way they’ll always be is losing ground.

The fact that we no-contract carriers are rising to the top in independent reviews like this, the most independent of reviews, is telling too. When you use the carrot and stick method to get customers (deep discounted and otherwise subsidized or $0 phones are the carrot, the contract is the stick, just to be clear) you have less incentive to keep customers happy.

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