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Fo Fum, Change Gonna Come

I want to address Google’s new mobile service, Fi, starting with the obvious question:

Are you scared?

What?! Scared? Why would you…I’ve never been…sure, a little.

Google can do things nobody else can. They also have that uniquely Google thing where they might mess with folks over here just to ultimately achieve some totally different goal over there.

I definitely had that movie moment in my head where the giant lizard is stomping down the street and I’m hoping the foot lands a few inches to my right.

Then I got calm. (And it wasn’t because I realized you have to buy a $649 phone to use the service. Although that helped.) Then I started to get excited. Here’s how I think about it.

150,000 Ting subscribers might say, “Hmm, I should check this out.” 350,000,000 non-Ting subscribers might now lift their heads up and say, “There are choices beyond the major carriers?!”

Welcome, Google.
The water’s fine.

HangoutsYou may have heard that Google is stepping in to the mobile carrier game as a “mobile virtual network operator” or MVNO. They apparently plan to offer service on both the Sprint (CDMA) and the T-Mobile (GSM) networks.

An Internet company that recognizes mobile as the platform for the next generation and so makes efforts to help people gain access.

Sound familiar?

Noss and Obama agree on plan for municipal broadband

To be clear, our CEO, Elliot Noss, and President Barack Obama have not actually met. But they do seem to agree on a plan to bring super fast Internet to towns across the country, boost the economy and reverse income inequality.

Obama will highlight this in his State of the Union address tonight.

Noss offered a bit of a preview in an interview with Chris Mitchell of released this morning. Through his work at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Chris has long advocated for broadband networks, including munipal-owned fiber networks, that better service communities.

Chris and Elliot cover a bunch of fun topics in just under a half hour, including:

– Ting’s unique customer experience
– Models for building and operating a fiber network along the spectrum from private to public
– The Westminster model
– The future of television

Take a listen here…


Also, please tune in to the State of the Union address at 9pm ET tonight and come back to share your thoughts here. It is very exciting to see this topic at the top of the agenda.

Tri-Band LTE now available in 17 new markets

Just yesterday, Tri-Band LTE rolled out to 17 new cities, bringing the current number of total LTE markets, including these newest Tri-Band LTE regions, to over 500 across the United States!

Confused by this “Tri-Band” lingo? It simply means LTE service offered on three distinct frequencies, which provides more reliable coverage, greater capacity and faster network speeds (more info). Many devices on Ting support Tri-Band LTE, including the HTC Desire 510LG G3, HTC One M8, and Galaxy S5. For a complete list, head to the Ting Help Center!

New areas covered by Tri-Band LTE:

Internet rockstar Robin Chase joins our Board of Directors

We announced yesterday that Robin Chase, best known as the founder of Zipcar, has joined our Board of Directors. You can read about why we love her and she loves us in our press release.

Also check out her Ted talks to get a better feel for her passion and how freaking cool she is.

I am really, really excited about this. It says so much about how we define ourselves and how we want to challenge ourselves. I also think it says something about what we have accomplished.

When we first started building Ting, we talked a lot about the sort of brands we wanted to emulate. Right from the beginning, that list included Zipcar, as well as ING, Netflix, Etsy and Skype. In my mind, each of these brands did three very special things:

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:
Your turn!

ice bucket challengesmallThis weekend, a few of us at Ting were nominated to complete the ALS Association Ice Bucket Challenge.

While thinking about our video and who we’d subsequently nominate, we realized that the best way to support this excellent charity and help increase awareness is through all of you!

For the first 100 people who share their video and tag Ting, $100 will be donated to the ALS Association. To help encourage as many of you as possible to upload a video and help support this worthy cause, we’re also randomly giving away one brand new Nexus 5 to a lucky participant! *Congrats to our Nexus 5 winner, Jon S!

You must share your Ice Bucket Challenge video within 24 hours of our video posting (ends tomorrow, August 19 at 5:00 PM ET).
We’ve extended the deadline! You have until Thursday, August 21 at 5:00 PM ET to submit your Ice Bucket Challenge video.

Sharing Details

Make sure to include one of the official ALS hashtags, #IceBucketChallenge, #ALSIceBucketChallenge or #StrikeOutALS

  • FacebookShare the video publicly and tag Ting’s Facebook page in your post (type @Ting in your post and select our Facebook page).
  • TwitterShare a link to the video and tag @tingFTW in your tweet.
  • Google+Share the video and tag Ting’s Google+ page in your post (type +tingFTW in your post and select our Google+ page).
  • InstagramShare the video and tag @ting in your post.


Thanks to the Ting community for stepping up to the Ice Bucket Challenge.
You raised $2,400 for the The ALS Association!



Nexus 5 winner will randomly selected and contacted on Wednesday, August 20 before 12PM ET.