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A Centennial lighting celebration: the network gets lit

Ting Centennial

On September 6, 2018, Ting flipped the proverbial switch at an event to light the fiber network in Willow Creek 1. If you’re among the people and businesses in Centennial that now have access to the fastest Internet around, we hope you’re enjoying your Ting connection so far. If not, stay tuned.

The lighting event was the culmination of an incredible amount of work by Ting and most especially, the team here in Centennial. It’s exciting to see what Ting and the City of Centennial have partnered to create and it means a lot to see so many months of work come together with better Internet for a Centennial residents.

The event kicked off with remarks from Mark Gotto, Ting City Manager, who was clearly thrilled to see the event come together. “It’s a big day for Ting and it’s a big day for the community,” said Mark. “We get to now supply a gigabit service to a residential home.”

The celebratory spirit remained as Stephanie Piko, Mayor of Centennial addressed attendees.

“We’ve met the goals of this initiative that the city took on and we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it here with Ting. We were so excited when Ting approached us and actually offered the opportunity that they were interested in coming to the City of Centennial and providing this service to residents. We didn’t nearly think it would happen as quickly as it has.”

What can Centennial do with better Internet? You tell us.

We can’t wait to see what Centennial can do with better Internet. It means a lot more than streaming and surfing and gigabit speeds (though it definitely means that), it means people can do more on the Internet today and innovate for tomorrow.

Take Ike H, the resident who got Ting at the lighting ceremony. Not only did Ike graciously allow us to host a little party on his lawn (thanks again, Ike) he’s the kind of innovator we get excited about when it comes to gigabit Internet access. Ike works from home running his business One Room Games an indie game developer with remote employees working across the country. When you’re working with a team in the cloud, upload is just as important as download. With Ting gigabit, Ike will be able to work with his team crazy fast, at 1000 Mbps.

Ting Centennial

Plans and progress so far

Construction of the fiber network in Centennial began in late 2017 in Phase 1A, Willow Creek 1 and 2. Since then, construction has been simultaneously underway in Phase 1A, 1B (Walnut Hills and Hunters Hill) and 1C (Willow Creek 3 and Willow West). Work continues as we put in the fiber infrastructure necessary to eventually light all of the City of Centennial with gigabit fiber Internet.

Why is fiber Internet important?

Fiber is the great equalizer, bringing much needed Internet speed, reliability and bandwidth to US homes and businesses. Most American towns and cities rely on old copper networks which were built for phone and TV, not for the Internet. Fiber brings communities up to speed and allows residents and businesses to innovate and compete globally in industries like healthcare, technology, engineering, education and so much more.  

Ting Centennial

Find out more

Learn more about our progress and the get all the latest network news on the Ting Centennial blog. We post construction updates every two months. When you pre-order, we send you an email as soon as the new update goes live.

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