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Ting Centennial news

The latest updates from the Ting Team in your town

Announcing Phase 2B and Phase 3 of the fiber network build

Construction update for Centennial

In our Centennial progress reports, we offer as much information as we possibly can on the fiber network build process. We’ll also talk about Ting events, promotions and some of the work we’re doing in the Centennial community. Check back regularly to keep up to date on the latest.

Here at Ting Centennial, we’re gearing up to expand the fiber network to more homes in 2019. In our last progress report, we provided an update for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the network.

This post will catch you up on all the latest network news and let you know where you can currently get Ting Internet service in Centennial.

Phase 2B

Phase 1A and 1C: order Ting today

Ting is available in Phase 1A and Phase 1C of our network build. This includes Willow Creek 1, Willow Creek 2, Willow Creek 3 and Willow West.

If you live in one of these neighborhoods, you can get Ting!

We’re currently installing homes with crazy fast fiber Internet in Phase 1A (Willow Creek 1 and Willow Creek 2). If you want Ting and live in Willow Creek 1 or 2, you can enter your address today and get installed soon.

In Phase 1C (Willow Creek 3 and Willow West) installations are also underway. If you want Ting and live in Willow Creek 3 or Willow West, you can enter your address today and get installed soon.

Phase 1B: installations have just begun

Construction is partially complete in Phase 1B (Walnut Hills and Hunters Hill). Installations have just started for those who pre-ordered in areas where we’ve finished construction.

We’ll be continuing to install homes in Phase 1B throughout January and February.

If you live in Walnut Hills or Hunters Hill and want the fastest Internet available today, just enter your address at

Phase 2A: Foxridge

Phase 2 of the Ting fiber network build is taking place in Foxridge. Our teams are still hard at work. If you see us out and about in the neighborhood, give us a wave!

The deadline to pre-order Ting in Phase 2A is January 31, 2019. You’ve still got some time to get a free installation of Ting gigabit Internet.

A pre-order costs $9 and is refunded to you on your first Ting bill. Pre-order Ting gigabit and get $250 off your start-up costs on. That covers the cost of installation and leaves $50 to go towards your second bill. Or, pre-order Ting 5/5 and get $50 off your installation.

The network is growing: the Ting fiber Internet data center

Before we talk about Phase 2B and Phase 3, we wanted to provide a quick word as to expected timelines for these neighborhoods getting lit with fiber.

So far in our build, Ting has been lighting Phase 1 addresses with active cabinets. These outposts serve as small data centers, where fiber cables are housed and the fiber signal is distributed to multiple addresses.

Ting is building a brand new data center in Centennial. This will help us bring fiber to more addresses than ever. The next phases we are about to announce will be connected back to our Ting data center, which is currently under construction.

We’ll be able to light homes in the next couple phases once our data center is complete. We currently anticipate construction will wrap on the data center this summer with lighting to follow.

Don’t forget to pre-order

Our teams will be hard at work, laying fiber over the upcoming months. You can pre-order Ting at and get a $250 discount on Ting gigabit Internet. That covers the full cost of installation and leaves $50 to go toward your future bills.

Phase 2B: Heritage Greens and Homestead Farm II

Heritage Greens and Homestead Farm II, you’re the next neighborhood where Ting crews will start fiber construction.

In Heritage Greens, Ting crews started working earlier this month. Look out for a mailer arriving soon at your address with more construction information.

In Homestead Farms II, crews will get started in February. We’ll be sending mailers with more construction information to your address as well.

Heritage Greens and Homestead Farm II can read our blog post about construction to find out what to expect when we roll up with our trucks.

Remember, the network is under construction and growing. We’re connecting Phase 2B to our central data center, and it will take some time for construction to wrap up and lighting to get underway.

Phase 3: Orchard Valley and Piney Creek

Construction will get started soon in Orchard Valley and Piney Creek. We’re pleased to announce that we’re bringing crazy fast fiber Internet to the first couple neighborhoods in Phase 3 of our network build. Read our post all about construction to find out what to expect when we roll up with our trucks.

Remember, Orchard Valley and Piney Creek will be connected to our central data center, and lighting these neighborhoods will take a little longer than usual.

Didn’t see your neighborhood?

If your neighborhood isn’t one of our announced phases, we don’t have an ETA for fiber coming to you just yet. We publish construction updates every two months. Keep an eye on these construction updates for more information coming soon.

Ting around town

On December 19, Ting hosted a Skate with Santa event at the Streets of Southglenn. It was a great, festive time with hot chocolate, free skating and candy canes.

Phase 2B

We’ll be at the Chamber’s Economic Forecast Breakfast on January 18. We’re also looking forward to our Phase 2 party for Foxridge residents on January 19. Don’t forget to bring the email or postcard invitation you received, it’s your ticket for entry.

This month, we’re lighting up our very first Friend of Ting in Centennial, Willow Creek 1 Clubhouse. You can get online at the Clubhouse for free!

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