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Centennial, CO

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Picking the best smart TV for your home or dorm

best smart TV

Choose the best smart TV for you

Smart TVs have come a long way from the original clunky and slow devices with limited apps. Now, they are superbly powerful devices running some of the most modern streaming services out there. With their new designs, you don’t need any extra wires, additional brand or expensive universal remotes.

Smart TVs give you all the apps you want in one clean and easy to use TV. Currently, there are three main brands that power the most cord cutting friendly smart TVs out there: Roku TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV Edition.

Let’s take a minute to go over the three big brands and give you a look at the new TVs that have come out.

Will Ting be expanding its Internet service to a broader audience?


Whether a member of the Ting team or the mayor of a Ting town, we put your questions in front of smart people.

Does Ting plan to expand its Internet service?

A question we’re asked a lot is, “when are you coming to my town/city/state/country?”

The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is a little complicated. Believe us when we say we’d like to be everywhere, right now, offering our unlimited, symmetrical, crazy fast fiber Internet service to one and all. However, with every state, city and municipality comes its own set of challenges and rules.

Ting events around Centennial: meet the team

Come by, say hi

The Ting team in Centennial is growing. Come out and say hello (and get all your crazy fast fiber Internet questions answered) at Ting events in August and September.

Ting events in Centennial

Get to know Audrey, Ting’s Marketing Specialist in Centennial

Get to know Audrey

A creative and strategic thinker, Audrey enjoys working in marketing for the relationships she builds and the connections she makes with others. She’s excited for what’s to come in Centennial and loves the sense of community in this town. Audrey’s been hard at work, getting involved in the community and having a blast at some local events. She’s the expert on Ting in the Centennial area and is really enjoying supporting community programs.

In among her many talents is the ability to speak for herself so without furter ado:

Hey, Centennial! Nice to meet you.

Colorado has been my home since the day I was born. I was born in Boulder and spent most of my time growing up in Broomfield. I love exploring what Colorado has to offer in cities like Downtown Denver and Centennial.

What do you love about Centennial?

From the colorful mountainous scenery to the sleek, upcoming urban cities, Colorado has it all. One city that accurately depicts Colorado’s diversity is Centennial. The town offers the best of the outdoors with all the charm of a city suburb.

Centennial has a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. I remember driving down Arapahoe Road when I was younger and seeing nothing but prairie dog hills. Today the streets are filled with growing businesses.

The people of Centennial are as vibrant as the town’s landscape. There is a real sense of community in Centennial. I love festive town events like the Summer Kickoff Concert, the Brew-N-Que and the Chalk Art Festival.

How did you get involved with Ting?

As most of us know, having great Internet is much easier said than done. After reading about Ting, I knew I had to work here. Ting understands people’s desire for great and fast Internet and delivers the excellent customer care that people deserve.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy any of the beautiful outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer! From hiking, camping, fishing, biking, skiing, to ice skating, I love it all. You can also find me in my kitchen whipping up the occasional themed dinner party.

What have you been up to?

Centennial events

Working as a Marketing Specialist at Ting keeps me on my toes. No day is quite the same. I enjoy interacting with people on a daily basis while learning and growing with Centennial. I mostly work in the field, getting involved with local events, being the local Ting expert and supporting community programs. You can often find me at Centennial events, neighborhood parties and the occasional town meetings.

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is seeing how excited and eager Centennial’s residents and businesses are about Ting’s gigabit fiber Internet. There is no better feeling than hearing someone tell me they can’t wait for Ting.

What have you learned so far?

Centennial is one of the most diverse markets I have worked in. From the landscape to the people, the city truly has a resilient, entrepreneurial and thriving nature.

Thoughts on fiber to the home vs wireless links


Whether a member of the Ting team or the mayor of a Ting town, we put your questions in front of smart people.

Fiber to the home or wireless links?

You may have heard of a certain giant in the tech space pivoting away from physical fiber to a solution involving fiber-caliber Internet beamed directly into customer’s homes. If that sounds too good to be true, it may just be.

Adam Eisner, VP of Internet, explains that while Ting is keeping a close eye on wireless link technology, we still believe fixed fiber (the kind we put in the ground) will ultimately provide customers with the most consistent, high-speed experience.

Or to put it another way, think about how difficult it is to get Wi-Fi in a basement. Now add a major city into the equation.

Looking for family-friendly streaming content for summer fun?

streaming content

Family-friendly streaming content

Summer is officially here, and for many, that means family time outdoors and around the house. Yet, what happens when you run into every parent’s most aggravating predicament, a rainy summer day? For many, that means movie day and with streaming content, you have a huge library of movies at your fingertips. Yet, what do you do if you want to make sure your kids only get access to family-friendly content?

Well, there are many services that offer family-friendly movies and TV shows and there are also parental controls that allow parents to feel confident their kids only have access to approved content.

Will there ever be more competition in home Internet service?


Whether a member of the Ting team or the mayor of a Ting town, we put your questions in front of smart people.

Will there be more home Internet service competition in the near future?

The great R. Kelly once said, “The greatest competition is, well, me.” Who knows what he’s talking about, but we can assure you Ting doesn’t think this way. I mean, if we did, there’d be no Ting Internet.

Monica Webb, Ting Internet’s Government Relations, points out that there’s a hunger for better Internet in America. However, many municipalities aren’t being served by the incumbents, and as a result are looking to private providers, like Ting, for help building out faster networks.

And if those efforts are being thwarted by legacy providers, you can step in and help by writing, emailing or calling your elected officials at the state level.

Together, we can fly like fiber Internet eagles… into the future.