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As the world turns with Ting Internet customer Arqball


Developers with a twist

Meet Ting Internet customer, Arqball, a research and product development company based in Charlottesville, VA. You may already be familiar with one of their popular products, Arqspin. It’s a unique service that lets you create your own 360° views of your products and upload them to your site where visitors can then interact with them by twisting and turning to get the full view. If you’re an Apple user, you might be interested in some of the other helpful cam apps they’ve developed for iOS, like FocusTwist and Vinyet.

We recently had an opportunity to talk with Nathan Blessing, Director of Business Development and Logistics at Arqspin, to find out how we’re doing and learn more about their product. He let us know that, although they’re relatively new to Ting Internet (they’ve been customers for about four or five months) their team has already come to depend on the crazy fast upload and download speeds that Ting provides.

Efficient and virtually effortless

As a cloud-based company, their business relies specifically on quick upload speed, the kind of speed local cable companies do not offer.

“Ting has been doing an excellent job for us,” Nathan said. “We have customers on six continents, so it is vital that we can load web pages as quickly as possible from all over the globe.”

Having Ting gigabit fiber delivered to the workplace allows the Arqball team to concentrate on the more technical and creative aspects of their work. They no longer need to think twice about how long it’s going to take to load a web page or transfer large files. With Ting on the job, everything that needs to happen for them online, from media streaming to external and internal communications, happens seamlessly and effortlessly. And isn’t that as it should be?

One of Arqball’s projects that may be of interest to C’villians and locals is an interactive catalog they’ve created for the University of Virginia Art Museum, UVaM for iPad. It features 3D visualizations of ancient sculpture and pottery from around the world, each can be rotated and enlarged by the viewer. It’s definitely an excellent application of technology, and a prime example of Arqball’s creative development style.

If you use Ting in the workplace and you think your business would make a great profile, Please tell us more! If you’d like to recommend a Ting customer you’ve done business with in the past, leave your comment below.