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Ting powers the best businesses in Cville: CBIC 2018 Best Business nominees

best business

Best Business of the Year nominees

The nominees for the 2018 Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC) Awards are in and Ting is nominated for Best Business of the Year. That’s worthy of celebration and we wanted to thank the Council and our team for the recognition.

What we’re more excited about is the number of Ting Internet users who are also nominated across the various categories.

That’s what we’re here for and we’re thrilled to see many Ting Internet customers joining us on the list of nominees.

We offer Internet service. Our endgame is to be a platform from which people can innovate, build their businesses and the local economy. We love to see people succeed at whatever they set out to do. Fiber is a game-changer. It means doing more with less time and being a contributor to the Internet as much as a consumer of the Internet.

Crazy fast, reliable Internet means fast and secure upload and download to and from the cloud for data storage and file sharing. It means seamless high-definition video conferencing and streaming. It means running real-time applications to support business operations. It lets people think of the Internet precisely the way we think of it: as a tool that enables business and more, as a platform on which to innovate.

Whether it’s a tech start-up or a “traditional” business, an online or a brick-and-mortar store, an idea or whatever else, fast, reliable Internet helps make it happen.

Here are the Ting customers recognized in this year’s CBIC Awards. They’re just a few of the dynamic contributors to Charlottesville’s economy in 2018.

Best business nominee - Maternity Neighborhood

Maternity Neighborhood

Nominated for the 2018 CBIC Social Good Award

This innovative and forward-thinking company has a portfolio of digital tools that support women-focused maternity care. Maternity Neighborhood’s tools can work together to make providers, patients and care navigators better equipped for women’s healthcare.

Best business nominee - ChartIQ


Nominated for the 2018 CBIC Startup of the Year Award

ChartIQ creates and delivers customized, powerful charting and visualization tools for their capital markets partners. With ChartIQ, the financial community stays connected with important and actionable information in real-time.

Best business nominee - Apex Clean Energy

Apex Clean Energy

Nominated for the 2018 CBIC Top Job Creator of the Year Award

Apex is focused on driving the shift to clean energy nationwide. Apex is a company that excels in project realization. Since being founded in 2009, Apex has created clean energy opportunities that include high-wage, high-skilled local jobs as well as local revenues.

Best business nominee - Metis Machine

Metis Machine

Nominated for the 2018 CBIC Startup of the Year Award

Metis Machine is a data analytics company helping healthcare and manufacturing businesses make informed data-driven decisions. Metis Machine cuts through the massive amount of data today to help companies build solutions that are meaningful to them so they can focus on their business.

Michael Prichard Nominated for the 2018 CBIC Entrepreneur of the Year

Already established in Charlottesville tech start-ups, Michael Prichard, CEO of Matis Machine, has been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year. His previous local startup, mobile app developer WillowTree, also uses Ting Internet. With Metis Machine, Prichard aims to make data make sense for businesses.

Best business nominee - Astrea

Astraea Inc.

Nominated for the 2018 CBIC Innovator of the Year Award

Astraea’s mission is to provide people with the power of machine learning and AI. Astraea is a data-driven company, and believes data can be used to create “dramatic advances in our understanding of the planet, drive increases in efficiency in any industry and promote a much deeper understanding of the inter-dependability of both natural and human systems.” Astraea brings the latest tech and satellite analytics to the world with their one-stop AI platform, RasterFrames.

Best business nominee - Tech Dynamism

Tech Dynamism

Nominated for the 2018 CBIC Social Good Award

Tech Dynamism is a tech and IT company that makes tailored solutions for their clients. Tech Dynamism, in collaboration with the Charlottesville Works Initiative, created an innovative app called N2 Work. N2 Work helps peer counsellors match job-seeking clients with jobs and services that can help them succeed in new jobs.

Best business nominee - Lumin


Nominated for the 2018 CBIC Startup of the Year Award

Lumin (formerly Coulomb) is the maker of the Lumin Smart Panel, a hardware and software system that makes a circuit breaker panel smart. Lumin’s mission is to unlock data and facilitate a two-way communication between utilities and the people who use them.