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Ting Charlottesville news

The latest updates from the Ting Team in your town

A construction update for Redfields, Fontana and Fry’s Spring

Charlottesville construction

In our Charlottesville progress reports, we offer as much information as we possibly can on the fiber network build process. We’ll also talk about Ting events, promotions and some of the work we’re doing in the Charlottesville community. Check back regularly to keep up to date on the latest.

Charlottesville construction update

Our crews were out working hard at the end of 2017 in Cville, and picked back up in full force at the start of this year. We’ll also give you a sneak peek at where Charlottesville construction is headed next and give you an update on some of the community events that Ting has been involved with around town.

What we’ve been working on: Redfields and Fontana

Our crews have completed construction in Redfields. Thank you to everyone in the Redfields neighborhood for your patience. We’re currently doing drops to the homes. We’ll be contacting everyone who has pre-ordered.

What’s next? Construction in Fontana and breaking ground in Fry’s Spring.

We will be starting construction in Fontana this week. Fontana can still take advantage of our pre-order promotion to get the best price on Ting Internet. You’ll get $200 off your startup costs on Ting gigabit and $50 off your startup costs on Ting 5/5. The deadline for Fontana pre-orders is January 31, 2018.

We also have great news for Fry’s Spring. We’ll continue fiber construction in Fry’s Spring this winter. If you’re in Fry’s Spring don’t forget to pre-order Ting to get $200 off your startup costs on Ting gigabit or $50 off your startup costs on Ting 5/5.


Ting Internet customers can refer their friends, family and neighbors to Ting. Score free service for every successful referral and give your friends and family a discount on Ting gigabit or Ting 5/5.

If you’re a Ting customer, tell your family and friends to mention your name when we call them to schedule their installation. They’ll get $99 off Ting gigabit or $25 off Ting 5/5.

Ting customers get one month of free service for every successful referral!

Community events and updates

This holiday season, Ting sponsored Charlottesville’s Grand Illumination. Ting customers enjoyed treats and hot chocolate from some of the best seats in the house, right on the Petit Pois patio.

We had a great time celebrating with all of you. Check out a slideshow of the event below.

Charlottesville construction

Another great business on the Downtown Mall now has crazy fast fiber Internet. Grab a coffee and a slice of pie and connect to Ting Internet at the Pie Chest.

We also wired up the McGuffey Art Center so artists and guests can connect while they’re working in the studio or visiting an exhibit.

Charlottesville construction

Ting Works

In the spirit of giving, we’ve launched our Ting Works program. Ting Works is all about showcasing some of our community partnerships across our Ting Towns. We’ve partnered with many Cville initiatives including New City Arts, The Haven, Computers4Kids, Charlottesville Women in Tech and many others that have yet to be featured on our blog. Stay tuned for more!