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Five ways to trick out your work station


If you’re going to be behind a desk for eight hours or more a day, you may as well make the space your own. In fact, one of the best things about being an entrepreneur or start-up hero is that you’re not bound to the cube life and you can create a personalized, unconventional space. Here are a few tech and life hacks to trick out your workstation.

Get a standing desk

A standing desk is more than just a workstation upgrade, it might also save your life. Elevated desks keep you on your feet and can reduce your chances of everything from obesity to cancer. Get a stand-up/sit-down desk with options, or put a stand on top of your existing desk that can be removed. Use an anti-fatigue mat on the floor to encourage leg movement and keep you comfortable.

Create a charging station

Stop fighting your co-workers or family (if you work from home) for an outlet and avoid unsightly tangled cords. Set up a dedicated charging station with a surge protector to keep your charging phone, tablet and other gadgets organized.

Go wireless

Switching to wireless desk accessories leaves more room for personal items, artwork and order. Use a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard and earphones to clear up space. Bluetooth desk accessories are easy to set up and they continue to communicate with your computer even when you bring your setup home or go offline.

Stay mobile

Keep things portable with a light-weight laptop and a mini tablet. When it’s easy to bring your devices to another place, your scenery can change in a second and even your productivity too. Spend your morning by the window in the kitchen and your afternoon in an office. If you work in an office, move to a meeting room or communal space for a change of pace when your desk feels uninspired. Consider heading out to a cafe or local library.

Use a cloud service

Storing your stuff on a shared drive or hard drive has risks and limitations. A shared drive might not be accessible away from the office and a hard drive crash will wipe out all of your important stuff. Go with Google Drive, Dropbox or another cloud-based storage system. No matter where you create a wireless workspace for the day, your files will follow, making your workday more mobile than ever.

Using style and tech hacks to upgrade your workspace is the only way to do business in the 21st century. Make the most of the flexibility your start-up affords and trick out your space; productivity and creativity are sure to follow.