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Charlottesville, VA

Check your address to see if it's Ting-ready. Check Address

Ting Hangout – Join us this Thursday at noon ET!


Our next Ting Hangout is happening this Thursday, June 18 at 12:00 pm ET (noon).

Join the Ting team in talking about the latest Ting Internet news, including our recent Charlottesville launch and the upcoming Westminster fiber lighting ceremony. On the mobile side of things, we’ll be discussing the recent addition of GSM phones in the Ting shop and sharing some info on devices set to arrive in the coming weeks. We’re also giving away two Ting smartphones during the stream, along with some swag!

This Hangout is the perfect time to ask us any burning questions you may have, whether mobile or Internet-related. Submit your question below to be entered to win a Moto E (2nd Gen) and BLU Studio 6.0 LTE. Towards the end of the Hangout, we’ll randomly select two questions from the list and these submitters will win a brand new Ting-ready device! Any question that gets answered will also pick up some Ting swag (whether a t-shirt, hat, etc). Winners will be announced during the Hangout and emailed afterwards.

If you’re not able to make the live stream (or if you’re seeing this blog post after the fact), the live stream will be archived in the Ting Hangout YouTube playlist.

See you on Thursday 🙂

We’re on 5th street SW stringing fiber

Pictured below, the Ting installation crew, hard at work bringing fiber to 5th street and building a connection point to make crazy fast fiber Internet available to more people.

As the crew went up in the basket to splice fiber, a conglomerate provider who must not be named sent out a truck with some of their bravest and brawniest associates. An epic cherry picker jousting battle was afoot. While the Ting crew may not be as big, like the company they represent, they’re certainly more agile. The conglomerate cable guys that were dispatched were, well, dispatched. The Ting noble steed (AKA install truck) and every person on the install crew lives to fight another day. Huzzah!

OK, none of that stuff happened. Except for the fiber splicing part. That totally took place.

The network build out continues in Charlottesville and we’ll keep you apprised as we progress.

Check your address in the handy address checker that’s right up there ^^ to find out if Ting is available in your neighborhood or, failing that, to find out when it will be.

Onward to glory!


Finding fiber in Charlottesville

cvillemapIf you are in Charlottesville and interested in getting Ting Internet, the best thing to do is just pop your address into the search bar at the top of this page to see if we can service you yet. If it says, “Order now,” I highly recommend doing just that. If it says,  “Sign up for updates,” that means our network has not yet gotten close enough to your address. Fill out the form and we’ll let you know the moment it has.

Beyond that, here’s a bit of a hint on where we are already and where we are going soon. Right now, we have quite a lot of coverage around the Downtown Mall. We stretch into parts of North Downtown, Martha Jefferson and Belmont. We also branch out in some random directions around campus and up as far as Barracks Rugby. Again, pop in your address and try your luck.

But, starting now, and working quickly every day, we are focusing heavily on building out in the four neighborhoods of North Downtown, Martha Jefferson, Belmont and Locust Grove. If you are in one of these neighborhoods, definitely sign up for updates and keep yourself ready to switch this year! If you are in the city proper but outside these neighborhoods, we will get to you as soon as we can. If you are outside the city, I don’t want to make any promises.

The address check above is smarter and more useful than all these words. But I wanted to give everyone a sense of just how optimistic you should be.

Ting Internet: It’s alive!
Release notes: June 2, 2015

Move over Al Gore, we’ve invented Ting Internet.

You’ll find a brand new Ting Internet homepage, including the first iteration of our speed comparison tool to help visualize the difference between the average U.S. connection and a Ting gigabit Internet connection.

You’ll also find new Ting Town blogs — at and — where you can follow our progress, find out when we’re participating in local events and check your address to see if you’re in an area that can get Ting gigabit Internet service! There, you’ll see an address autocomplete tool that we plan to test in advance of a wider roll out that will eventually include Ting mobile service address checks.

Ting Internet lights up its first gigabit fiber customer

I wish we could tell you that the first Ting gigabit fiber Internet customer in the first Ting Internet town has torrented every disk image of every Linux distro in existence while simultaneously downloading the sum total of human knowledge and achieving enlightenment.

I wish we could tell you that.

“My neighbors told me that they were getting fiber optic Internet and I’ve been having trouble with my provider,” said Brian Calhoun, one of the people behind the renowned Rockbridge Guitar Company in Charlottesville, VA, and the first person to get gigabit fiber Internet with Ting.

That neighbor, as it turns out, is Jamie, whom we’d spoken to not two weeks prior.

Small world. Or at least, a relatively small town.

Hello, Charlottesville!

The Internet is a funny thing. You have an idea and a few days later you’re online, open for business and making money.

A terrible oversimplification, of course, but it is, at least, conceivable.

Building the network that gets people online doesn’t happen at quite the same speed. With some great people on the ground and in the the office there, though, it is certainly happening in Charlottesville, VA, and it’s beginning to pick up steam.

In Charlottesville (where this article was started but alas not finished) it’s apparent that a lot of work goes into bringing next generation Internet to a community. This and more I saw first-hand on a recent trip to one of the first Ting gigabit Internet towns.

While in Cville for the Tom Tom Founders Festival, I accompanied the installation crew on a couple of outings.