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Charlottesville, VA

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Cutting the cord? Choose the best set top box

353580-amazon-fire-tvSo you want to break free of your monthly cable bill and you’re wondering which set top box is right for you. This week, Luke Bouma breaks down the pros and cons of four leading set top boxes on the market today, the brand new Apple TV, the tried and true Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and the powerful Nvidia Shield.

Brushing up on the shortcomings and killer features of each product will help you decide what you want to do and where you’d like to get your content from so you can make an informed purchase. Once you deduce that, you’re well on your way to cutting the cord for good.

Get the full story on the main Ting blog.

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Ask an Exec: How are you balancing Ting Internet expansion and the customer experience?

Devon D. wonders how Ting’s expansion into fiber internet will affect the quality of its customer service.

Adam Eisner, Director of Ting Networks and our latest Ask an Exec celeb, explains how we’re managing staffing levels to ensure all of our customers, whether mobile or Internet, will have the same great Ting experience.

Cut the cord and your cable bill

SMPTE_Color_Bars.svgCutting the cord means saying goodbye to the monthly cable bill but it doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the shows, sports and other stuff you love.

With a great Internet connection (like, let’s say, a crazy fast fiber connection from Ting, just for example) and a couple of pieces of inexpensive equipment, you can be up and running in no time. Get broadcasts like local news, public broadcasting and primetime TV over the air, watch just about any movie or show you want with a set top box. You can get all the TV you want while still getting rid of that monthly cable bill.

Luke Bouma of Cord Cutters News contributes to Cut the Cord on the Ting blog. If you’ve ever thought about cutting the cord, his first column, Four easy steps to break free from cable TV is a great place to start.

Stay tuned. Cut the Cord will appear every week on the main Ting blog.

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Firefly: Where everybody knows your game


If you’ve got a taste for craft brew, good food, crazy fast fiber Internet and great retro games (and maybe a penchant for cancelled sci-fi shows that really deserved better than they got) then Firefly is the place to be. If you’re in Charlottesville, VA or if you’re ever passing through, it’s a great place to spend an evening, surrounded by games of all sorts.

Owner Melissa gave us the grand tour as Firefly hosted a DOTA 2 Pubstomp for The International 5. It was a great mix of fun, food and frenetic gaming action.

Firefly is among the first businesses in Charlottesville to get crazy fast fiber Internet from Ting and offer it up to patrons via a free Wi-Fi connection. The gig was invaluable for a live streaming event like our Dota 2 Pubstomp; the streaming broadcast came in high definition and without a hiccup.

I had a chance to speak with Melissa about how Firefly came to be, what it’s like stepping up to crazy fast fiber Internet and how the idea for an arcade-turned-bar came to be.

“My long term boyfriend Mark’s dream was to always have an arcade bar. Somewhere where you could hang out, play games with friends and order good food – not just a place to go sit and drink. When Mark passed from cancer in January, I ended up inheriting the bar,” she said. “While I have a business background, running a restaurant has been a new experience for me.”

Firefly’s journey and story is an interesting one and the atmosphere reflects it. There’s the standard bar stuff like draft beer, a pool table and Wednesday night karaoke. There are also a bunch of retro arcade machines, pinball and a ping pong table. Those looking for sit-down fun can play any one of the tons of board games on offer. Aside from the decor, Firefly has great food (including craft beers and healthy snacks) and a spacious layout that’s perfect for drinks with friends or an evening out with the kids.

Ting’s network roll-out plans for Charlottesville

How YOU doin’?

You might have spotted the Ting install team in their Ting shirts rolling around town in their Ting trucks. They’ve been super busy stringing speed-of-light fiber all over town. We’ve noticed you noticing us and we wanted to give you notice that we noticed you too.

You may be wondering when Ting crazy fast fiber Internet is coming to your neck of the woods. Well, have we got plans for you, Charlottesville. Big plans.

From now until the end of the year, we aim to cover as much ground as possible in the neighborhoods highlighted in the map below. Specifically, North Downtown, Belmont, Martha Jefferson and Locust Grove. That’s the foreseeable future plan. We’ve got plans that stretch out further than that though, and we’ve also got some ideas on how we can get your help steer our teams in the right direction to bring gigabit Internet to you.

Ting’s Network Roll-out Plans for Charlottesville

While our immediate focus will be on rolling out fiber in the four aforementioned areas, we’re also looking down the road into next year. Into 2016, plans become a little less clear but we can say that we aim to cover more ground within the city itself and we’re also looking to move westward.

In the coming months, we’ll be unveiling a tool that will help us gauge interest in gigabit Internet in a given neighborhood. Until then, we’d love to hear your opinions in the comment section of this blog post. Soon (but maybe not soon enough for some under the cable company’s thumb) we’ll get the whole town lit. Stay tuned.

Reconciling crazy fast Internet and mobile that makes sense

Since we launched our gigabit Internet service, some folks have understandably questioned what seems to be a contradiction between our mobile offering and our Internet offering.

On mobile, we save our customers hundreds of dollars a year by allowing them to pay just for what they use. We implore people to consider whether they are overpaying for a bloated or unlimited plan and preach monitoring and managing data usage to reduce costs.

On Internet, we are leapfrogging almost every other available, reasonably affordable Internet service in the country and offering one fixed price on unlimited data at an unparalleled speed.

What gives?