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Ting Charlottesville news

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We’re on 5th street SW stringing fiber

Pictured below, the Ting installation crew, hard at work bringing fiber to 5th street and building a connection point to make crazy fast fiber Internet available to more people.

As the crew went up in the basket to splice fiber, a conglomerate provider who must not be named sent out a truck with some of their bravest and brawniest associates. An epic cherry picker jousting battle was afoot. While the Ting crew may not be as big, like the company they represent, they’re certainly more agile. The conglomerate cable guys that were dispatched were, well, dispatched. The Ting noble steed (AKA install truck) and every person on the install crew lives to fight another day. Huzzah!

OK, none of that stuff happened. Except for the fiber splicing part. That totally took place.

The network build out continues in Charlottesville and we’ll keep you apprised as we progress.

Check your address in the handy address checker that’s right up there ^^ to find out if Ting is available in your neighborhood or, failing that, to find out when it will be.

Onward to glory!