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What’s up with Ting construction in Charlottesville: FAQ and updates on the status of the network

Ting Construction update in Cville

In our Charlottesville progress reports, we offer as much information as we possibly can on the fiber network build process. We’ll also talk about Ting events, promotions and some of the work we’re doing in the Charlottesville community. Check back regularly to keep up to date on the latest.

In our last construction update, we talked about our efforts to bring more fiber to Cville, expanding the network to brand new neighborhoods like Fontana and Redfields and upgrading areas that already have Ting, like Fry’s Spring.

We’re often asked when Ting is going to be available in a given area, why it’s not available in that area today and how long it will take for us to get to that area.

In our last update, we talked about the fact that we hit a network capacity ceiling in some areas of Cville. The existing fiber wouldn’t offer the capacity required to offer everyone in a given neighborhood reliable, true symmetrical gigabit Internet. That’s why, as mentioned, more of our efforts in Cville have been in adding capacity to the existing network than in expanding that network to new areas.

In this update, we’ll do our best to explain the state of the network in Cville and the work we’re doing to make continued expansion predictable and the network scalable.

Most common construction questions answered

Below, we compile our most frequently asked questions and shed some light on common concerns.

My neighbors have Ting but I can’t get it. What gives?

In a word, capacity. The fiber network we acquired in Cville wasn’t built systematically or with broad scalability in mind. We’re fixing that. Once this active and ongoing work is complete, issues of one home being serviceable while their neighbor isn’t will be alleviated.

Ting construction in Charlottesville

The work we’re doing is to bring more capacity (more fiber and fiber equipment) to neighborhoods where service is already available.

Where the previous network plan was built home by home and neighborhood by neighborhood, Ting’s network design takes a view from above to build a plan on the ground. We’ve created a city-wide network design to guide all construction efforts. This ensures the network we’re building today will serve Charlottesville’s needs not just today but well into the future.

It’s not just a matter of stringing new fiber on poles or placing new fiber in the ground all over town (though we’re doing that too). There are new fiber cabinets and other infrastructure that need to be put in place to serve more homes in more neighborhoods all over town. You’ve probably seen our teams installing this important equipment around town.

We’ve also been upgrading the CO (central office, not actually an office at all) to handle all this neighborhood-level expansion.

We look forward to being able to see all this work in the rearview, as opposed to on the road ahead too. We’re nearly there.

Why is Ting building in Redfields and Fontana when they’re located outside of the city?

Ting construction in Charlottesville

Redfields and Fontana both had a high percentage of pre-orders. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, pre-orders, and demand for Ting, are one factor that helps us determine where to build.

We may choose to build into areas outside of town if a number of factors are met. We also consider whether a neighborhood fits into our overall network design plans.

Fiber has typically been strung aerially on poles in Charlottesville. Now, in Redfields and Fontana, we’re working on bringing fiber conduit underground.

If I have underground utilities, will I ever get Ting Fiber Internet?

We are eager to bring fiber Internet to the pockets of the city that have underground utilities. We are actively working with the city to find ways to build underground wherever possible.

Why can’t I get a date of when to expect construction or service in my neighborhood?

We wish we could provide specific dates. In construction, there are so many moving parts from design to permitting. Once our crews are on the ground, we’re further subject to all the variables and challenges of any other outdoor build project. Things like weather, obstacles we didn’t foresee and the like.

Below this FAQ, we’ve included a list of the neighborhoods we’re committed to working on in 2018. Once construction is complete in each of these areas, we’ll announce our next neighborhoods and construction plans.

Predicting how a construction project will shape up is a bit like predicting the weather; the further out you look the larger the margin of error. You can make a smart, educated estimate based on the available data and you can still be wrong. That’s why we talk in terms of windows of time as opposed to specific dates. We get that that doesn’t feel like enough information when you’re eagerly awaiting fiber and can’t get a firm answer on when exactly it’ll arrive. Dates become more and more solid as we progress, and we’ll share as much as we can as often as we can.

Wrapping up in Redfields and installations on the horizon for Fontana

We are wrapping up construction in Redfields, we want to thank the neighborhood for their patience. If you’ve been installed, we hope you’re enjoying your crazy fast Internet.

Remember, if you live in Redfields, we can service the entire neighborhood, so you can order Ting today.

In Fontana, we faced a few delays but the weather has been on our side recently and construction has picked up considerably. We are on track to start installing customers in late May.

Pre-order in Fry’s Spring

We are continuing our construction to upgrade the network in Fry’s Spring. We aim to complete the network upgrade before we light up any new customers.

Residents of Phase 1 of the network upgrade can pre-order, and reap some huge savings. The deadline to pre-order is July 15, 2018. Just visit to get yours in today.

Ting construction in Charlottesville, Fry's Spring

Events and happenings around town

It was definitely a busy and fun couple of months in Cville. We had a great time at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA 5th Annual Bow Wow Walk. Make sure to visit to support homeless animals in your area.

Ting construction in Charlottesville

Our team was out in full force at this year’s Tom Tom Founders Festival. We set up a lounge at Tom Tom featuring Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch and Ting blue lemonade. We also participated in the Color Run. That was an awesome combination of community, health, and color power! The Color Run supports enrichment programs for Burnley-Moran Elementary School.

We also wanted to do a special shout out to our partners at UVA Athletics. As sponsors of UVA Athletics, Ting employees and our families were generously invited to enjoy a baseball game at the Davenport Clubhouse.

We were sponsors of the 4th Annual MSC Truck Touch. We brought our Ting bucket truck and showed the kids how our bucket truck works!

Ting construction in Charlottesville

We are also the new sponsors of CBIC’s Tech-on-Tap with Ting, a monthly series of happy hours open to anyone involved or interested in the local tech scene.

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