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Ting Culver City news

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Culver City fiber network construction begins!

Construction begins in Culver City, CA

Note: For the latest fiber network news and construction updates for Culver City, please visit our Ting Internet Culver City construction updates post.

Announcing Phase 1 of the Ting fiber network build

Our crews have hit the ground running and Culver City fiber construction is officially underway in Phase 1 of our network build. We can’t wait to bring crazy fast fiber to homes in the area!

So far, most of our work has taken place behind the scenes, designing, planning and getting permits. We’re excited to get started.

Not in Phase 1? Don’t worry. Once construction begins, we’ll work neighborhood by neighborhood and will announce next phases as we go.

What to expect from construction

We’ll be laying fiber using a microtrenching machine to bring crazy fast fiber to your homes. Microtrenching is relatively quick and much less disruptive to the surrounding area compared to traditional construction. 

Photo credit: Ditch Witch

The process is fairly simple. We start by making a 12-to-18-inch cut, called a slot-cut, parallel to the curb. While creating the slot-cut, the microtrencher simultaneously vacuums the debris and another machine follows close behind, placing fiber tubes right into the clean slot. This trench is then covered with mortar and made level with the ground. Amazingly, there is no digging or boring associated with this method of laying fiber and we’re excited to apply this innovative technology in Culver City.

Construction work will happen in the city-owned right-of-way. This is the area on the street side of your home that’s owned by the city and is reserved for utilities. If you’ve ever noticed a water cap on your lawn, that’s typically around the dividing line between your property and the city’s property.

Don’t forget to pre-order

Pre-orders are open for Culver City. Head to and enter your address to pre-order Ting Internet and save money on your start-up costs.

What’s the deal with pre-ordering?

Your $9 pre-order is a one-time refundable charge that is returned as a credit on your first month’s Ting bill. Pre-ordering gets you an amazing discount on Ting Crazy Fast Fiber Internet®, one free month of service and your pre-order acts like a vote to bring fiber to your neighborhood.

Where is construction headed next?

For the most up to date information regarding what neighborhoods we’ll be building in, check back here on our Ting Culver City blog.

Leading the marketing team

Leading the marketing team in Culver City is Jennifer Lasky, our Marketing Manager, fitness enthusiast and rescue dog mom.

For more information on Ting Internet in your community, you can email Jen at You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.