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Todd Rubin, Ting Internet Area Manager

Ting Team - Todd Rubin

Hey Fuquay-Varina, meet Ting Internet Area Manager Todd Rubin

Todd RubinCurious about Ting in your town? You’ll want to talk to Todd Rubin.

Todd will be liaising with local government, utilities and other representatives so things run smoothly with the network roll-out. Todd will also be attending community events and starting conversations about high-speed fiber Internet.

He’s your go-to for all questions about Ting fiber Internet and what it can do for your community.

Since 2016, Todd has gone above and beyond in his role as Ting Internet City Manager for Holly Springs. Over the past couple years, he’s met with many Fuquay-Varina locals and understands the strong demand for better Internet options.

“I regularly meet residents from Fuquay-Varina at Ting events in Holly Springs. They are frustrated with their existing Internet options and often ask if Ting will expand to serve Fuquay-Varina. Likewise, Fuquay-Varina has everything we love about a town. It’s smart, it’s growing, there’s an entrepreneurial spirit here. We can’t wait to get started.”

Better Internet options

Todd often talks with those who want high-speed Internet without having to deal with the hassles created by the large telecoms in the area. He’s experienced what he calls “nightmarish issues” with a few providers himself, so he knows firsthand how frustrating it can be.

Get in touch

For more information on network roll-out and the impact fiber can have on communities, reach out to Todd. He can’t wait to hear from you.